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TO:  His Royal Highness King / Goab Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, Jenny Arrison, the Sovereign State of Good Hope inner circle (whomever may still be left), and the people of the Republic of South Africa

LETTER OF RESIGNATION as International Media Advisor to the Sovereign State of Good Hope and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.
On this day the 24 October 2018, one year to the day from which I, the Independent Media Journalist known as Mel Ve, was appointed by royal mandate by King / Goab Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, as the International Media Advisor the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, offer my resignation from my mandated post, whilst completely and totally disassociating myself from the pseudo freedom effort masquerading as the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
Although my 20 years of media work follows a vast spectrum of information, my particular areas of specialisation are based in unconventional theories involving cultural anthropology, lost civilisations, ancient ruins, myth & legends, historic artworks, etymology and alternative education modalities.
I have authored several books, produced several documentary films, and have made some ground breaking discoveries.  I present workshops and lecture at various educational seminars, participate in international summits and conferences as a speaker, as well as train and coach people in various aspects pertaining to media, with a specialisation in digital media.
On the 1 January 2015, I launched a humanitarian project called Conscious Consumer Network, which is a multi language international educational live broadcast network dedicated to independent media journalists, who share the same basic fundamental orientation as the founding principles of Conscious Consumer Network (CCN).  CCN has produced over 3000 broadcasts since the launch over 4 years ago, and is the most successful and longest running publicly funded, community run online humanitarian network of its kind.  CCN produces media for a number of humanitarian and charitable organisations, who are all dedicated to creating a better world.
One of my key areas of activism and focus is my home country of South Africa and the dire state of affairs that world seems to ignore.  My book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY was banned in South Africa, and is only available via online activist networks in eBook format.  But this did not stop me from getting this book out there, as I decided to make it available for free, and the book now has over 275 ooo downloads from my website alone.  This book is also uploaded to many other websites, and thus it is impossible to guess how many people have downloaded and read this book.  This book is a FREE ebook giveaway, so please take some time to get to know the truth about South Africa.
A headed letter of receipt from the International Criminal Court following the delivery of legal documentation*

In 2013, in the position as International Media Liaison for Independence Commission Africa, I delivered papers to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, regarding the genocide going on in South Africa.  I relocated to the Hague to begin the process of criminal charges against the Government of South Africa.  After 3 years and going bankrupt during the process, I relinquished my efforts after South Africa temporarily “removed” itself from the ICC treaty, in order to deter and avoid pending legal actions from international humanitarian groups and authorities.

I was however not to be deterred from the South African cause, and dedicated myself to bringing awareness of the situation in South Africa, to the International community.  Being the Creative Director and Co founder of Conscious Consumer Network, I created a show called STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE, which was a live broadcast ever Tuesday at 7pm GMT, for the duration of 2017, and was hosted by Karin Smith and I.  This is by far one of my proudest bodies of work, as we got the opportunity to speak to and learn from some of the most astute researchers and activists for the South African genocide cause.
Mid 2017, my Journalism partner Karin Smith and I, were approached to conduct an interview with King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, regarding his upcoming plans which put forward a solution in the form of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.   During this interview, both Karin Smith and I  were in tears of joy, as we were both deeply moved by the King’s divine mission, which is to bring relief to the suffering people of South Africa.
Karin Smith and I were given the opportunity to interview several people surrounding the secession of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, including the King’s legal council, Professor Wintson P. Nagan.  Considering Professor Nagan’s impressive resume, we could only assume that this process was legitimate and in capable hands.
The official flag of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
On 24 September 2018, the Sovereign State of Good Hope was brought into effect when Khoebaha seceded the Sovereign State of Good Hope from the the murderous and corrupts Republic of South Africa, with a ceremony held outside the Castle of the Cape of Good Hope.  My network, being Conscious Consumer Network, was the only media network that aired the secession ceremony live, as no mainstream media were interested in covering this due to the fact that South Africa’s media is largely state owned and controlled.
Based on my continued effort, dedication and sacrifice for the South African genocide cause, I was appointed by mandate, and offered the portfolio of Media, in order to assist in the overhaul of the Sovereign State of Good Hope with informative and educational media content.
Mandate of appointment dated 24 October 2017
On the 24th October 2017, a month after the secession ceremony, I was appointed by mandate as the International Media Advisor to King Khoebaha, the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, and the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
From the outset, my team and I offered all our resources and connections to the establishment of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  We were responsible for the very first  website ( that was built, which was linked to this Facebook page, which became known as SOVEREIGN STATE OF GOOD HOPE MEDIA.  This was done at our own cost, which was exacerbated when the site was hacked, affecting all the other content hosted on our server.  We had to rebuild a total of 43 client websites, and 12 of our own websites, costing a considerable amount of time and resources, both in direct cost and in lost revenue.  This put tremendous strain on our resources at key points during the course of the last year, to the point of not having enough money to pay for the very basics such as warmth, food and shelter, and these circumstances were largely exacerbated as a result of our involvement with the media effort for SSGH.
Other members of our media team raised vast sums of money to fund King Khoebaha’s trip to New York, where he was accompanied by my Journalism partner Karin Smith, to the United Nations, in order to deliver the secession paperwork.  The United Nations provided King Khoebaha with a letter to confirm they had received the documentation.
From the very get go, there were cracks appearing in the basic legal infrastructure of the formation of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  This became apparent to my team and I when we were building the official website for the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and we were told not to publish the original treaties that were signed at the secession ceremony on the 24 September 2017.  The excuse that we were offered from the Royal House was vague, but had something to do with the wording of certain labels being an issue for certain groups referenced in the treaty.  The use of the term “Eurokaner” for example, had caused some confusion, as it was a term that had never been widely used or adopted prior to the above mentioned secession.  We were told that the treaties would have to be re drafted and re signed, and that the existing treaties were not going to be used for public circulation.  During this time, there were several people shifted around within the King’s inner circles, and much confusion began to set in as to who was trustworthy, or who had alternative agendas, including allegations regarding my allegiances being levied at myself in writing by one of the newly appointed and more questionable members of the King’s “inner circle” such as Gordon Holder, and thus, some of the original signatories of the treaty, were excluded from Sovereign State of Good Hope inner circles, and made out to be an enemy.  At the time of my resignation, updated copies of the treaties have not yet been signed or circulated, and it is still not known who the present selected (not elected) representative signatories are for the various cultural groups who were represented by the original document.  As it stands, the original treaties which were signed at the secession ceremony on the 24 September 2017, are no longer in use or valid, and replacements have not been issued, bringing into question the entire legal framework of the processes and activities which followed.
Having worked on many humanitarian global initiatives, I have a very clear understanding of what works and what does not.  A nation divided is no nation at all, and much the same can be said for any project or initiative.  From the very beginning it became clear that the King of the Khoisan Nation, and his supposed subjects being the Khoisan, had differing ideas about how to go about things.
Well King Khoebaha claimed that these men were an insult to the Khoisan, and the King did not support their effort, nor had these men consulted the King prior to engaging on their campaign.
It has became clearer as time has passed, that many of the Khoi and San groups do not recognise the King Khoebaha in his position, and they had relinquished support  for the formation of the Sovereign State of Good Hope under the leadership of King Khoebaha.  In fact, the legitimacy of the title of King has also been called into question by the King’s very own people, who claim that the Khoi and San groups have never had a hereditary monarch, rather they consisted scattered nomad and pastoral groups loosely gathered as tribes or clans, with each clan having their own tribal elders to consult and offer guidance.  The concept of an all governing King was only introduced to the Khoi and San peoples of Southern Africa, when the European settlers arrived from 1652 onwards.
King Khoebaha & Professor Nagan at Florida University a few days prior to the trip to New York to visit the United Nations
In my capacity as International Media Advisor, I advised King Khoebaha upon his return from his trip to the United Nations in New York, that it would be wise to publish the letter of receipt from the United Nations, that the King received upon delivering the secession documentation.  This was necessary in order to provide proof to the public that the secession paperwork had in fact been delivered to the United Nations.  This seemed like the most logical and ethical course of action, but the King refused to authorise the release of any proof of his visit to the United Nations.  Furthermore, my team and I were banned from writing or publishing anything further regarding this trip.  I made several requests for the King to provide proof that he had in fact delivered the secession paperwork to the United Nations, as did my colleague Karin Smith, who accompanied the King during his trip, and who was also largely responsible for providing the funding for the trip, and who witnessed the secession documents being handed over to the United Nations, and witnessed the issuing of a receipt of documents by the United Nations to the King, and who is also in possession of the photographic evidence of this paperwork… but both Karin Smith and I were told that no photos or documents were to be published.   To this very day, the entire deliverance of documents to the United Nations, and the issuing of the receipt of these documents, has been questioned by various groups and individuals, even though this receipt does in fact exist, and yet the King refuses to allow for them to be made public, which has done nothing other than bring the entire mission into doubt.  Dispite the many requests by myself and my media team, the King has refused to allow us to publish any evidence regarding his trip to New York in March 2018.  At this point, the media team were scratching their heads as to why… why not publish these documents if they do in fact exist.  Publishing them would bring support and momentum to the Sovereign State of Good Hope cause.  Not publishing them just leaves us all wondering why the King would make such foolish decisions that could jeopardise the reputation and integrity of this entire mission.  Things were just not adding up at all.
*Please note an example of such a letter of receipt as displayed above when I delivered papers to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  I have always made such documents available to the public in order to prove that there was an effort by Independence Commission Africa to bring the murderous and corrupt African National Congress government of South Africa, before an international tribunal… but alas, to no avail.
During the time that King Khoebaha was in New York, an alternative website to the one which we had funded and operated for SSGH, being, was set up behind the backs of the King’s appointed media team.  I only found out about this because I was accidentally forwarded by email, a SSGH document which referenced, (not .org) as the official website, and the .net site was not sanctioned by the King’s appointed media team which I was heading.  Upon raising the alarm regarding what I thought was an imposter website, which contained all my original articles and intellectual property, stolen from the original website, and it was being used without my knowledge and permission.  I was informed by Gordon Holder that he had suggested to the King to mandate the setting up of a second website.  I was then told by the person who populated the website, a lady called Sue Schonken, that SSGH owned all the content I had created for it, and that is why she felt justified in stealing my intellectual property and secretly populating a website that I was deliberately not made aware of.   As there was no contractual agreement between myself and King Khoebaha and the Sovereign State of Good Hope, which documents the transfer of title of intellectual property, from one party to another, this claim by Sue Schonken was incorrect.  I reminded Sue Schonken that the Sovereign State of Good Hope is not a Communist State, and that our property, intellectual or otherwise, does not automatically become the property of the state (in this case, being the Sovereign State of Good Hope.)  In fact, suggesting that my intellectual property automatically becomes the property of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, is no better than the “Land reclamation without compensation”  issue that is persisting in South Africa at present.  It became very obvious at this point that there was a subversive agenda to subvert the media effort from my team, and to steal my intellectual property, from myself and my team, without our knowledge or consent, whilst cowardly playing the game of sidelining us, whilst still stringing us along and using us for what they needed.  When I caught onto this game, I confronted the team with facts, all of which are documented in the SSGH Skype thread.  I was then accused in writing by Gordon Holder, of an agent of a gentleman called Aubrey a.k.a John Devlin, and that I was working for him, which of course was postulated by Gordon Holder as the reason why I had such a problem with them secretly creating a second website where they had stolen my intellectual property.  I then asked Gordon to provide evidence that I was an agent of Aubrey a.k.a John Devlin, who was one of the original signatories on the secession treaty, and had also been sidelined since Gordon Holder had come on board the SSGH team.  However there was no proof forthcoming from Gordon Holder, and I was issued with a written retraction and apology from Gordon Holder for falsely accusing me of colluding with someone Gordon had outed from SSGH.  But sadly, it was at that point that I realised that SSGH was in the hands of unscrupulous and unethical ego maniacs who will use and abuse people, and when they no longer have use for them, these people are just cast to the sidelines.  This became abundantly obvious when I asked for the reason a second website had been set up, and I was told that they had purchased the .net domain extension in order to stop anybody else from taking it.  I was confused, as there are over 600 different domain extensions that one can choose to use, such as .com,, .media, .tv, .info, etc., and I did feel that the reason given was not the genuine reason, rather it was an excuse to mask Gordon Holder’s attempt to subvert the media effort behind my back, whilst stealing my intellectual property to populate the alternative website, totally ignoring and disrespecting the cost, time and effort that went into creating the original SSGH website.  When I called the entire team on their falsities in writing via the before mentioned Skype thread, I was reprimanded by the King, who made false allegations and accusatory comments which was nothing other than an attempt at gas lighting by attempting bringing my character into question.  As an Investigative Journalist, it is my job to question that which is untrue or simply does not make sense, and it was at this point that the entire SSGH illusion began to unravel in the eyes of the international media.
Following on from the the beginning of the unravelling of the SSGH effort, I was accused by King Khoebaha in writing of endangering him and his family by discussing matters pertaining to SSGH on social media forums.  As I had not engaged in any such communications on social media, because I simply do not have the time to do so, I knew that somebody in the King’s inner circle had been formulating lies about me, and feeding them to the King in order to make him fearful or distrustful of me, with the specific goal of getting the King to rescind my mandate, as it was becoming clear that they wanted control of the media effort.  I simply expressed in writing to the King directly, my disappointment at being yet again, levied with false allegations, particularly an allegation as serious as endangering the King’s family, as this was simply not true.  This was followed by my request to provide evidence in the form of a screen shots of my supposed communications that where found to be endangering the King’s family.  Needless to say, nobody ever provided any screen shots or any other evidence to prove that I ever did anything or said anything in a public forum which may have endangered the King’s family.  It is still not known exactly what it was that I said, or which words I supposedly uttered that would have the power to put at risk the lives of people on the other side of the world, bearing in mind that I am presently located in Portugal.  In fact, I was never even told what it was that I supposedly said, or just how that endangered anybody, rather a broad stroke of accusation, an extremely serious one, was laid against me, with absolutely no specifics or evidence to back it up, and this was done with with the deliberate and clear intention of eradicating me from the SSGH inner circle, so that others could take control of the media.
The result of these false allegations, the King proceeded to ban me from communicating or writing anything further to do with SSGH, unless I was specifically told to do so.  On one occasion, the King asked me to draft an article to accompany a video he had released, so that I could post it on the website.  After writing the article, and sending it for approval before posting, I was then told, without any reason, that I was not to post the article and I was once again banned from putting out any media pertaining to SSGH until I was instructed by the King.  It felt as if I was being given the deliberate run around in order to frustrate and tire me, in the hopes that I would willingly relinquish the media effort, so that others could take control.  Furthermore, I felt as if I was compromising my own journalistic integrity by cow towing down to the demands of a King, and just being expected to follow dictatorial orders that simply did not make sense to me at all.  Being an Independent Investigative Journalist, I soon realised that being told when to do something or not, was in complete contrast to my journalistic ethics, which puts truth, fact and logic above all else, even the demands of Kings.
As we manage a website and Facebook page for SSGH, I had the arduous task of fielding all the mail that was coming in.  There were many people asking important questions, and when they were put to the King, there was a blatant refusal to provide even the most basics in order to provide clarity of information, which was a task that fell on my shoulders, being responsible for the media content.  In fact I was specifically told by the King in writing via the before mentioned Skype thread, that I was on a ‘need to know basis’, as was everybody else, and that I would be told what I needed to know, as and when the King decided.  It became very obvious at this point that not all of us were operating from the same page, and the King was not above playing one party off against the other to gain an advantage, even if it meant good people got used, abused and hurt in the process.
It was after the very ugly public fall out with USAF, that I was provided with information confirming that I had been deliberately sidelined by Gordon Holder and the King.  It was at this point that I realised that the King did not have the courage to rescind my mandate, as he knew he would suffer negative public backlash, rather in a most cowardly fashion, I was simply sidelined, like many others, whilst giving me the run around in the hopes that I would just go away nicely.  And so that is what I decided to do.  I gave the King and his inner circle a chance to get rid of me nicely, as I did not want a massive public fall out and slanging match, and thus, I wrote the following letter dated 5 September 2018:
The home page of


TO:  His Royal Highness, Gaob / King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, Queen Jenny, and the advisory council for the Sovereign State of Good Hope.


I greet you all with warm wishes here from the Algarve in Portugal, and hope this message finds you in a healthy and positive space.

Due to my ongoing involvement with various other projects, including my own personal commitments, my Media team and I are unable to offer any further volunteer media efforts to the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
This will affect the following:
  1. Facebook page: Sovereign State of Good Hope Media – This page will be deleted at the end of September 2018.  As an expert in online media, and having worked on many international humanitarian campaigns, it is my experience that having several different Facebook pages only makes one’s online media campaign look sloppy, and thus, we will remove this Facebook page in order to stream line the flow of interest and traffic to one centralised location.
  1. – In October 2018, the domain registration for the above mentioned website will be up for renewal, and our media team do not have the capacity to fund this going forward, nor do I think there will be any funding forthcoming from His Majesty and the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  Furthermore, we do not have the manpower and resources to manage the correspondence and funding campaigns associated with said websites, as our time and energy is committed elsewhere.
  1.  Sovereign State of Good Hope You Tube channel – The SSGH You Tube channel was started to archive all SSGH media.  This channel is still up and running, and we have given the password to His Majesty when it was set up.  We strongly advise that His Majesty change the password, as my media team will no longer have the resources or time to administer this arm of SSGH media, and thus will have no use for the password going forward.
Having been mandated as the International Media Advisor to His Majesty and the Sovereign State of Good Hope, I wish to continue to make myself available should any advice or council regarding media been needed or sought, my team and I are always available.  Feel free to get in touch and schedule in a meeting, or call if urgent.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve
International Media Advisor to
His Majest, King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III
Sovereign State of Good Hope
But, this was not the end of it… after all that he had done, Gordon Holder still tried to bully me out of my intellectual property, by insisting that we  give him the website that we had set up and operated for SSGH.  This demand was refused by my team, stating that if Gordon or the King want anything further from us, they would have to pay for it, as my team and I did not feel as if we owed them any further favours based on their dishonest and dishonourable conduct towards the media team, who worked on a volunteer basis, and had already given so much already to this effort, whilst being sidelines in a most cowardly fashion.  To add insult to injury, I was then accused of trying to profit from SSGH, at which point Gordon Holder was reminded by my team that this was not about us being in it for the money, as our participation in SSGH had only ever cost us, rather this was about Gordon and / or King Khoebaha demanding that we continue to give them our intellectual property for free, as if what we had done for them already was not enough.  Did they really think we were stupid enough to continue jumping to their demands?  Clearly they had under estimated our intelligence and integrity.
It is with a clear conscience and a kind heart that, after one calendar year of serving in my mandate appointed post, that I resign as the International Media Advisor to the Sovereign State of Good Hope and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation… not that I actually had any baring or influence, rather I was seen as a threat to those with dishonourable intentions, to those who wanted to control the SSGH media effort… and I was in the way.   My participation in the media effort for SSGH was done with the sole intention of trying to find a solution for the dire state of affairs that South Africans find themselves in.  At no point did I benefit financially or in any other way.  In fact, my involvement with this effort has been of absolutely no benefit to me at all, rather it has cost me time, money and to some extent, my reputation for having backed SSGH, which as promising as it may have initially seemed, became full of power hungry, toxic individuals who were and are still manipulating and playing power games behind the scenes.  Based upon all that I have observed and experienced, I find it hard to believe that the well-being of my fellow South Africans are even a consideration to those behind SSGH.  I no longer hold the hope for change at the hands of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.   The bottom line is, if you want to make the world a better place, first you need to start with yourself… and several of the key players behind SSGH, are not capable of providing a solution to the complex problems of South Africa, for the simple reason that they are corrupt, underhanded and unethical, and thus they are part of the problem.
As media is a communication modality, I recognised from the outset of my appointment, the importance of creating communication platforms where the core team of SSGH could discuss matters together, openly, in full clarity and with complete transparency, and thus I opened up a communications thread via Skype in order to create a platform for clarity and transparency in communications.  Having had a chance to reflect on the past year’s communications via this particular Skype thread, to which the King and his wife Jenny Arrison were contributors, along with the King’s merry band of fools including Gordon Holder and Sue Schonken, it has become abundantly clear that this thread holds all the evidence necessary for the public to see exactly what has really been going on behind the scenes of SSGH.  And that was the point, to always have a written record of communications in case it ever became necessary to present key evidence pertained in said communications.  I provide this so that the public can see for themselves the vast effort myself my team, as well as the kind of manipulation and duress that the SSGH media team has experienced, which unfortunately also brings into question whether or not anybody would actually want to be part of a Nation or State with these people at the helm.  Sadly they are just more of the same old villainy we have seen for millennia.  We simply can not create a new world based on the same negative patterns of behaviour that created all the mess in the first place.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve
CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Conscious Consumer Network TV

The Secession Ceremony of King Cornelius at the Castle of Good Hope LIVE on CCN – On 24 September 2017, history was made as the King Cornelius III, the King of the Original people’s of South Africa, being the Khoisan Nation, stepped forward to end the suffering and free the people of South Africa, from the oppressive African National Congress (ANC) government.

Conscious Consumer Network was LIVE at the ceremony and broadcast the entire event, where a succession ceremony was held at the castle in Cape Town, South Africa, and the United States of Good Hope was brought into effect by with the Declaration for Immediate Secession by King Khoebaha Cornelius III, the rightful king of the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, the first and only indigenous people to southern Africa. Under this treaty, an agreement was set in place for a new government set up with the Eurokaner Nation, the Afrikaner Nation and the Coloured Nation. In this declaration it was established that the gross violations of human rights by the African National Congress government against the people of South Africa, justified the immediate withdrawing from the Republic of South Africa, by excercising the rights that exist under International Law, African Union and United Nations laws.

Stop South African Genocide | Secession Ceremony of King Cornelius at the Castle of Good Hope


On the 5 September 2017, Mel Ve and Karin Smith had the opportunity to speak with King Cornelius, where he hinted at the upcoming plans which which were broadcast LIVE on Conscious Consumer Network.  It has been hard to keep these plans a secret, as we were fully aware of them behind the scenes, but we obviously realised that we could not be too open with regards to these events until the time was right.  We have respected the King’s request to keep this under wraps up until now, which is the chosen time for the Declaration of Secession to be made public.


As a South African refugee living abroad, it was a true privilege to be invited to broadcast the Secession Ceremony LIVE via Conscious Consumer Network.  No mainstream media were present at the event, and this story will only be spread through the Independent Media.

Please share this far and wide, for the world to see how we go about standing up to the darkest and harshest examples of corruption.   It is time to end the state sanctioned genocide that has been going on in South Africa, and hopefully this will be a move in that direction.


HAIL THE KING | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to the King of South Africa LIVE on CCN

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



HAIL THE KING | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to the King of South Africa LIVE on CCN – Many people may not know the King of South Africa, but I can assure you that he does exist.  Long before the Jan van Riebeek landed at the Cape, there were a native group of people who inhabited this land.  This group is commonly referenced today as the “Bushmen”, but their official name is that of the Khoi San, also named as the Hottentots by the colonialists.  It was this group of nomadic pastorialists that were first encountered by the settlers of the Dutch East India Company.

What many may not know is that this group of people have been totally ignored in the waking years since the release of Nelson Mandela and the supposed abolishing of Apartheid.  The ruling government party being the African National Congress, has totally marginalised this group of originals, who are not white, nor are they black, but something in-between, sometimes referenced as “coloured” by white South Africans.

Being the original peoples of the land known today as South Africa, King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III is the rightful king and sovereign heir to the throne of South Africa, however he and his people have been largely ignored and outright rejected by the corrupt African National Congress government.

King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III
King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III

In this rare interview, King Cornelius talked candidly with Mel Ve & Karin Smith during a live interview on STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE which aired on Conscious Consumer Network on 5 September 2017.  The King shared his tribal wisdom and spiritual insights, as well as many heart breaking stories about the suffering that is going on in South Africa at the hands of the Corporatocracy, Globalists and African National Congress government.

King Cornelius is working behind the scenes with a number of groups to work on peaceful solutions to resolving the horror and genocide that is going on in South Africa.  Being the rightful ruler and sovereign of the lands known as South Africa, King Cornelius wishes to bring peace and prosperity to the people of South Africa… and he has a plan, which he would not reveal to us, but we have been given details of what is going on behind the scenes, by those involved, but being responsible, and not wishing to offend the King or ruin these plans, we must for now honour our journalistic obligations to keep this information under wraps for now, but it will not be for long, so watch this space.

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview the Khoi San King | 5 September 2017 @ 7pm GMT


COMING TOGETHER: Mel Ve talks to Leigh Oxley & Karin Smith – This discussion was a long time overdue happening, and I was ever so grateful for the opportunity to speak with two magnificent South African women doing what they can in their respective efforts to help and assist the people of South Africa.  As promised, please find below the very touching message that Karin Smith read out on this show, its says more than I ever can about the very tragic state of affairs going on in South Africa:  Laurie Pieters-James updated her status – June 12 at 12:58am – It has taken me a while to decide to post this. Not because I am afraid of speaking out, but because I don’t want anyone to think I am selfish or heartless. Recent weeks have seen hideous tragedy unfold in London, where many innocent people lost their lives, or were injured, or emotionally shattered. Melbourne had their own small taste of it. And not too long ago Paris was subjected to terrorist activity, resulting in death, heartache, fear and devastation. My heart goes out to those countries, the families affected, the victims families, the people touched by those ghastly events. And they are all in my prayers, that I assure you. But then I watch in fascination as thousand hold silent vigils, thousands of wreaths and flowers are laid at appropriate points. Televised interviews, magazine articles, newspaper front pages, Facebook posts. Wherever you turn, the latest tragedy is featured there. People are broken, upset, angry and determined to stand together to stamp out these atrocities. Facebook profiles change to the flag of the victimised country and world wide pleas are heard to “Pray for London” (or whichever country or town it is at the time). People speak out and publicly announce that they will stand together and not live in fear. Leaders of the country affected and other countries world wide speak out against the terrorism, some in plain and simple terms (Australia’s amazing prime minister). And that’s the way it SHOULD be. The world SHOULD come together as one where there’s starvation, terrorism, poverty or any other tragedy. It’s comforting to know that so millions are behind you, standing with you, supporting you and there to help. Nobody should have to live in fear, frightened to carry on with life or to step out their own front door. Nobody should sleep with one eye open or be afraid in their own home. And then, in stark contrast, we look at our own country. Our precious and beautiful South Africa. And we bow our heads in sorrow. Our hearts break, and our anger boils. Puzzled? Let me help you out…. 51 Murders 3 Children killed 49 Attempted murders 109 Rapes 363 Armed robberies 142 Sexual offences 451 Assaults 41 Hijackings 686 House 147 vehicles stolen 710 Drug related crimes PER DAY!!! YES….A DAY!! That is what happens EVERY SINGLE DAY in our once amazing South Africa. And those are just the ones reported. The ones we know about. Many more go unnoticed or unreported due to lack of facilities, lack of service, intimidation, or fear. But that’s not all! 1 in 3 Children suffer severe abuse 200 Common robberies occur daily Every 8 hours a woman is abused by an intimate partner Babies and small children are raped…several each day Our farmers are viciously and cruelly attacked, tortured and the rate of 26 farms in two months AND…that’s just the crime Government and municipal institutions are without funding, and for the most part without capabilities. Lawlessness and an ineffective justice system are the order of the day. Bribery and corruption thrive. And funding is withdrawn from old age homes, medical facilities, children’s homes and animal care facilities. Our latest example is that the horse and dogs of the Metro police are left without food or hay for days at a time. And KZN has NO oncologists in government hospitals…..Not one. A huge number of law enforcement officers are corrupt, not to mention the government itself. Furthermore the emotional well being of every citizen is at stake. Almost everyone I know has lost either friends or family….if not to violent crime, then to immigration. People move to other countries and start over, leaving behind family, friends, and everything they’ve ever known. Why? Because they’re tired of living in fear. Because they want a future for their children. Families are fragmented and the whole family unit is not as it should be. And an ever shrinking number is stalwarts stand their ground, hoping, praying, believing that somehow things will get better. And where is the world in all this? Does everyone’s Facebook status change to South Africa’s flag? Are there worldwide cries of “Pray for South Africa”? Where are the wreaths and flowers laid for our 51 murdered souls…..EVERY DAY?!?! What about THEIR minutes silence? Why aren’t world leaders crying out in shock and outrage at the carnage that is our country? Apart from a handful….where is the television coverage of these atrocities? How many newspapers have ever had these abhorrent statistics or happenings as their front page? How many magazines in the world have covered our farm killings or child rape? And when you watch the news….internationally I’m talking….do you EVER see mention of ANY of this? If the people outside of SA don’t hear about this disaster from friends or family inside the country, then they don’t hear about it at all. Why. Is it because the floors of our country would be littered with so many flowers and wreaths that it would be impossible to walk? Is it because so many moments of silence would be required that whole hours of complete silence would follow? Is it because of fear of retaliation if they dare speak out or print the truth? Or have people (those that know) simply become so blasè about it, that it’s just another part of every day life? That’s how South Africa is, so everyone’s just accepted it? Let me tell you what it’s like from a South Africans point of view. We’re CONSTANTLY afraid. We look over our shoulder every day of our lives, and suspect fellow pedestrians or individuals who may just be passing by. We live behind high walls, and we add razor wire or electric fences on top. We attend funerals, and we say countless goodbyes at airports. Those who can afford it arm alarms, set beams in their gardens, and triple lock doors and gates. Every sound makes you jump, look, fear. We avoid certain areas, and try not to place ourselves in situations where we know what could happen. We watch our sidewalks, public areas, schools and hospitals fall apart. We pray we don’t get sick, because so many of us have no medical aid. We know we won’t get help if we go to our local police station, so we start our own organisations. And on top of it all, we now have the honour of being Junk Status, and being in a recession. So we scrimp and save, go without, and cut corners wherever we can. Yes, there are exceptions, like with anything. But for the vast majority of us, life is difficult, sad, filled with fear, and a deep sense of desperation. We are living with disaster EVERY DAY! Mothers lose children, wives lose husbands, death, chaos, heartache and catastrophe are a part of our every day lives. I’m sure I can hear the cynics saying, “So leave! If it’s so terrible why stay?” Well not all of us CAN leave! It takes money, qualifications, and an enormous amount of emotional strength, leaving behind many who we know we will never see again. Just so you know, Skype and whatsapp aren’t quite the same as in the flesh. Secondly, WHY SHOULD WE LEAVE? I for one was born in South Africa. I am South African, just like anyone else who was born here, regardless of colour or culture. I love my country, it lives deep within my heart, and while those that have immigrated may not regret it, because they’re living a better and safer life, they left under duress, not because they wanted to. We are being forced out of the country of our birth, the country that is our home, and I challenge anyone anywhere in the world to tell me that doesn’t SUCK!! There is so much beauty on our South Africa that it would be impossible to list. The people, their spirit, the land, the scenery, the oceans, the beache’s, the mountains, the wild life, the list goes on and on. If youve lived here or even visited, you’ll know what I mean. Our country is magnificent. But we as a nation made a decision in 1995 that we thought was for the good of our country. We boldly stood up & stood as one and said, this is OUR country, and this is the way forward. In case you’re still not sure, it hasn’t quite worked out that way. And so I ask, with broken heart and heart felt pleas….pray for us. Pray for peace, pray for the correct leadership, pray for our future. Take five minutes of your day and pray for the turmoil we experience 24/7. Don’t mock, don’t criticise, don’t tell us we should leave. Think about how It must feel to live here. There are countries experiencing terrorism or war, poverty or starvation, disaster or illness. We live with all of that, day in and day out. We don’t have terrorists doing this, this is being done by our own people, and by our so called leaders. But because we are South Africans, we fight on, we hope, we believe. So PRAY for us, no matter who or where you are. I beseech you….PRAY FOR SOUTH AFRICA

Please find below a link to the ARCHIVE of the interview on CCN

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve talks to Leigh Oxley & Karin Smith | 20 June 2017

Thank you for all who continue to help the dire situation happening in South Africa.  Please continue to support those of us who do what we can to help those we can.


Mel Ve

Michael Tellinger
Dear Sirs and Madams,
Please feel free to be advised that the following is the Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God. After watching videos on Ubuntu and Contributionism, I joined the Ubuntu Liberation Movement in 2015 and moved up to Waterval Boven to become a volunteer for Ubuntu in January 2016. As a volunteer at the Ubuntu Village with Michael Tellinger I very quickly found out that the property is actually called “The Stone Circle” and it is a PRIVATE PROPERTY, which belongs to Michael Tellinger.
In very short order it became clear to me that there is NO UBUNTU VILLAGE, there is NO Self-Sustaining systems, No Bakery, giving away daily bread, No Fish Farm delivering free fish nor any terraced and landscaped gardens. For the last plus/minus 5 years MJT has been collecting Donations under the pretense of feeding the masses and uplifting the world. Sadly he is only uplifting himself and his ego-driven appetite for consumption. Where have the millions of Rands worth of donations gone? Last year Millions of Rands were raised but less than R9000.00 was spent on Soup Kitchens, I paid for almost all of them myself.
The following is a list of new purchases Mr. Micheal Tellinger has made, which I personally witnessed, within the last year: A Gold coloured Jeep 4×4, a white Toyota Rav 4×4(they were purchased to promote his Stone Circle buisness), new driveway at Michaels house, newly refurbished cottage at Michaels house, 6x Ensuite Cottages being built at Stone Circle Bistro, new Museum being built at Stone Circle Bistro, New furniture(complete) at Stone Circle Bistro, Stone Circle Bistro completely repainted(entire property all around), New JoJo Water Tanks at Stone Circle Bistro and I could go on until nauseam. The vast majority of ALL Ubuntu Donations collected, for the entire year of 2016, where spent on Stone Circle Bistro(his private property) and his Private House.
The remainder of the World’s Donations to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement were consumed by Michael Tellinger, in his personally capacity, with the funds being used to pay for his 4 – 5 Star accommodation and various other Luxuries. He has already spent thousands of Rands at Woolworths(just in January 2017) this month and it is only the 13th today of the month. While the local people suffer and go to bed hungry this fat old white jerk(who was not even born in South Afrika) is “Eating The Money!” Fat old white foreign jerks have been stealing from Afrika for years so this is nothing new. However, these monies are being collected under false pretenses and the MONIES ARE NOT GOING TO CHARITY! They are being consumed by his ego-driven, greed and lust fueled appetite for self-aggrandizement. This is a Cult and it is a Crime. I still live in Waterval Boven and I still feed the children here at my gate. They come here because for a about a year I was the one funding the Soup Kitchens (which Michael Tellinger cancelled after the elections, August 3rd – 4th. Why? Unless feeding people was never the goal here). I also personally sponsored various other charities.
If You would like to help Stop The Crime, then please feel free to contact me. Mr. Tellinger is being sponsored to go around the world telling people how to live, while he acts like one of the people that he speaks out against. There is more, much more, all of which I have ALL the evidence, the excel spreadsheets, the accounting and the eye-witness reports. Ubuntu is not Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Please help to stop Mr. Tellinger’s crimes and abuse of Ubuntu Funds and Donations meant for Waterval Boven’s Upliftment Projects. If You would like to speak my number is +27-83-226-8660, mailing address is P.O. Box 333, Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, South Afrika. Thank-You, for this Opportunity to Be of Service. Love and Light!! GodBless The Journeyil
Yours In Faith,
Greg Scott
30 August 2016

Attention: Michal Julius Tellinger

Dear Michal,


With immediate effect, I hereby resign from my position as Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO.

My reasons, for the record, are as follows:
1. Since the registration of Ubuntu Planet NPC on the 24th July 2015, despite your agreement to then, and constant verbal and written requests since by myself and third Director Lesanne Brooke, you have failed to make time to meet and discuss or provide the basics required for due diligence by the Companies Act and Kings III/IV (which are guides to best practice for NPO directors and referred to as a base code for any legal or ethical claims stakeholders, donors, etc ) in terms of policy. At the least, these basics include annual audited financial statements (1st year is now overdue) and proof of Tax compliance. In addition, best practice requires that we meet at least 4 times a year and to date, again despite constant requests for such meetings, you have neglected to make time for such meetings or provide your fellow Directors any form of formal policy, strategy and budget, formal contracts for all Directors and staff members, written codes of conduct, minuted meetings, rules regarding conflicts of interest etc.
2. Since we have entered into a legal agreement, as a legal entity we are therefore obliged to act in ways that are consistent with our legal obligations. In addition, we have ethical obligations in managing other people’s money. Regardless of this, all links for donations and funding are directed into your personal paypal account, and so, neither myself as 50% Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO nor the third Director Lesanne Brooke have ever had access to information regarding funding coming in nor where it is being spent, and despite my concerns often communicated to you no effort to my knowledge has been made to set up a paypal account for the NPO, separate to your personal account and accessible to your fellow Directors.
3. Since the resignation of Lesanne Brooke as Director on the 31st October 2015 the validity of the NPO, which requires a minimum of 3 Directors, has been compromised. No effort to replace Lesanne has been made to date regardless of constant requests by both Lesanne and myself and in effect the Ubuntu Planet NPO has been invalid since the date of her resignation. Regardless of this, you have continued to request and receive funding under the guise of a valid Non Profit Organisation into your personal paypal account over the course of the past 10 months.
4. In spite of the fact that I am a 50% Director of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, and despite constant requests for meetings to discuss policy regarding the political activations and community development of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, you have consistently operated without communication with me or transparency about your plans. As a result, I have been kept in the dark about any and all decisions you have made to date, including Ubuntu Mobile, which I only became aware of 1 week before it’s launch.
5. Over the course of the past year, you have removed my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, social media pages and the database more than once, without explanation.
6. Since March 2016, I have requested the implementation of the community feature on the Ubuntu Planet website. This request has been consistently undermined with the result that I have been unable to initiate the numerous community development and other projects I have been activating, and upon my return from Australia this week, I was notified by our webmaster that the entire website is being restructured and rebuilt without my awareness or request for input.
7. Not only have I never been acknowledged as visionary of Ubuntu Planet, nor for my role in helping you build the Ubuntu Liberation Movement over the past 5 years, but I have consistently been prevented by you from having any influence in directing, developing or growing the Ubuntu Movement, regardless of my 50% partnership and Directorship in this movement with you.
8. It has come to my attention that the soup kitchen project, which you consistently promote as a drive for funding, has been personally paid for all along by Greg Scott, manager of Stone Circle since March 2016, which he is happy to account for.
9. Over the past year, I have been contacted by several people from Stone Circle concerned about the misappropriation of funds and lack of transparency on your part, particularly to do with the two vehicles you purchased in cash upon your return from Europe in May with the money you earned there from your Ubuntu presentations abroad, as well as allegations that funding coming in has been appropriated to the personal building project of your guest houses at Stone Circle. I am constantly being asked about the free energy devices which have been purchased, built or funded by our donating members over the past 2 years that have to date never materialized. I have received complaints from your staff members at Stone Circle about not being paid their salaries, and that in the past 5 months no less than R90 000 has been personally invested by Greg Scott in the running of the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village, Ubuntu sporting events in Waterval Boven and the feeding program for Ubuntu volunteers, all projects for which you publically request funding for. Again, Greg is happy to account for this money spent. Unfounded or not, the question of your integrity has been a consistent theme over the time I have known you, and I too have to wonder now, due to your deliberate lack of transparency with me, the removal of my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, Ubuntu Planet and Ubuntu Party Facebook pages and the Ubuntu database, as well as your consistent refusal to discuss these matters with me over the past 6 months, whether there is truth in at least some of these allegations.

Please begin this resignation process with SITO and sign/supply all the relevant necessary paperwork immediately. I also request that my name be removed from all documentation (including the banks, any contracts to date and all websites).

If I do not hear from you within seven days of the date of this letter, I will take it that this is in process and await the paperwork for my signature.

I am emailing you this copy and will send a further copy by registered post for your records.

Louise Clarke (former partner of Michael Tellinger since 2010)

For more on Michael Tellinger, and his many years as a scammer and fraud, please follow the trail of evidence collected since 2010, by South African Independent Investigative Journalist Mel Ve.
Global Initiative Review: UBUNTU –


NKANDLA: The sword upon which Zuma will fall – It seems that the shadow government’s guns are firmly directed at Jacob Zuma, as the obligatory scapegoat blamed for South Africa’s dire state is offered up for sacrifice. If anybody actually thinks the presidents and prime ministers actually control their respective countries, please read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY book I – Light & Dark (link to free eBook below)

Like all Puppet leaders, the time eventually comes for them to take the fall for the hidden hand behind the scenes, and the sword upon which President Jacob Zuma will fall, is over the issue regarding the excessive expenditure on his presidential home.

The Presidential residence in my home province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, is known as Nkandla, and is by far the most expensive presidential home in the world. It has been references by other political parties as an “orgy of overspending” costing a total of almost $22million of public money. That is 10 times what the taxpayers spent on Nelson Mandela’s two homes.

The High court in South Africa has now ruled that President Jacob Zuma violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home.

Jacob Zuma is said to be reflecting on the situation and will be taking the appropriate action.



When looking at what taxpayers pay in order to keep their Heads of State in luxury and security, it is interesting to note that the spending only went over the million rand mark when the BLACK government came to power, which is really interesting, because WHITE South Africans always get blamed for the dire state of affairs of South Africa, which is the basis upon which the current WHITE GENOCIDE is being executed.  Clearly the corruption by politicians, as well as misuse and abuse of taxpayer money, becomes much more obvious when the BLACK government took control of South Africa.

That all being said, it is very obvious that the Shadow Government have decided that it is time for Jacob Zuma to go, especially since Zuma’s eldest son has now filed corruption charges against Johann Rupert, who is a key member of the Shadow Government that controls South Africa – For more on this, please reference the article in the link below

Time to face the truth about where the real issues lay, and stop blaming people because that is what we have been brainwashed to do.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


BLACK GENOCIDE: VAXXED TO DEATH – If I am one thing, I am extremely fair. Being an Afrikaner, of course I have brought much attention to the ongoing WHITE GENOCIDE that is going on in my home country of South Africa, but I want to take some time here to explore another perspective, and that is of BLACK GENOCIDE.

The native populations of various colonial empires have been absolutely ravaged by disease causing vaccinations for at least the last 100 years. The native populations were told that these vaccines were for their own good, and were aimed at preventing disease. They were soon to learn the truth as I did at a young age when I was vaccinated and suffered complete loss of hearing in my right ear as a result.
Please read the below article I wrote for the story:

Waxxing about Vaccines by Mel Ve

The disease known as HIV or AIDs is one of the best examples of a disease that has been delivered into the physiologies of native populations via vaccinations. Many people claim that HIV started with animals. The simple fact is that HIV / AIDs did not originate in monkeys, rather it was created in a laboratory by Dr. Mercola, who in fact registered the newly created bio weapon under the patent number 4647773.

In South Africa, the British Colonial powers made vaccinations mandatory, and all young children in tribes has to go to the local trading store or church, to be vaccinated. Dr. Credo Mutwa told me stories of how those children who were vaccinated, lost their “spiritual eyes” and their ability to connect with the spirits of their ancestors. Credo said that his mother used to hit grains of rice into his arm to give him marking that looked as if he had been vaccinated, in order to save her son from these vaccines. Dr. Credo Mutwa has had a life span twice the average life span of native or rural Africans.

There have long since been secret laboratories in South Africa, which engaged in human experimentation. In my book, THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY book I – Light & Dark, I cover this in great detail
(link to free eBook below)

The core formula of most vaccinations, have been developed to be race and blood type specific. There are a large proportion of vaccinations that will have a far greater negative impact on African people than they would on European people. This to is the case with certain blood types, the O negative blood type being the most resistant to all. A large majority of Royalty and the Elites, who are all interbred with each other, are O negative, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Global Freedom Movement released this very interesting article about the Vaccine and Centre for Disease Control whistleblower film called VAXXED, which was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival
(article linked below)

VAXXED: Robert De Niro A Hero For Successful Media Campaign To Promote Vaccine Documentary

What was interesting to note in this article, is the reference to the fact that Dr. William Thompson admitted through is Lawyer in 2014 that he and his coauthors omitted statistically significant information published in journal called PEDIATRICS, stating that the data they omitted suggested that African Americans males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at an increased risk being autistic.

This further evidences what I have been saying for some time now, and that is that there is a genocide going on against the native people of former colonies, and it is being done through the vaccination programs, such as the ones run by the Knight of Malta owned and controlled charity known as the RED CROSS.

Check out this interview I did with Jim Humble who is a RED CROSS whistleblower, and details some startling facts about how they operate.


I was at a charity lunch the other day and was seated next to a high level Recruitment Consultant who did much recruitment for Microsoft and of course thought the world of Bill Gates, especially how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was funding all supposed disease preventing vaccinations in Africa.  Of course needless to say that even though this Dutch man and boyfriend had adopted a black kid, which mistakenly left me thinking that they were very openminded, I was surprised at how quickly the conversation turned sour as he defended Bill Gates like it was his father.  People get really cranky when you tear down their illusory idols, but I could not resist educating my fellow charity lunch diner, who had the misfortune of being seated next to me, to the truth about Bill Gates who is a Eugenicist and fully engaged in the worldwide DEPOPULATION AGENDA.  Again, please reference my book to learn more about his, if this term is not familiar to you.

Many Native Africans already know the truth about how dangerous vaccinations are, and they blame the “white man” collectively for giving these diseases to their people.  It is one of the many grievances that they have against white people, and it is one of the many excuses used to engage in BLACK on WHITE murder.

Vaccines are a ticking time bomb in all of us who have been vaccinated.  Time to know the truth about what has been done to us, and the methods they have used to do it.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




In South Africa, it has been drummed into the people for years that getting a good education, is the way to get a good job, and this is reinforced by the vast amounts of poverty evident almost everywhere you go.  Nobody wants to end up hungry or living on the streets, begging for money.  So we put complete faith in an education system as the way and route towards survival.  In fact, there are so many desperate South Africans that the start of the University year for 2012 ended in tragedy.

The following article is from TIME.COM

JOHANNESBURG — Women screamed, but the crowd of South Africans desperate for a chance to study kept pushing at the university gate. Tuesday’s stampede killed a mother who had accompanied her son to an in-person application day at the Johannesburg campus, and two other people were seriously injured, officials said.

Thousands of young South Africans and their parents had begun gathering at the University of Johannesburg campus on Monday to seek admission. Space was limited — some 11,000 people were expected to vie for as few as 800 spots — a symptom of a larger crisis in South African education and perhaps contributing to a sense of desperation Tuesday. Many would-be applicants had only learned they were eligible for further study after getting results from national high school final exams last week, and university classes start next month.

Desmond Mlangu, a prospective student, said he witnessed the “traumatizing” scene, with women screaming and people continuing to push. He said those at the back of the crowd did not seem to realize what was happening at the gate…

Sbahle Mbambo, a 17-year-old from Springs, a small town east of Johannesburg, arrived at the university with a blanket Monday morning. She spent the night in line, huddled on the sidewalk outside campus. She left Tuesday afternoon with a promise she would hear by the end of the week whether she had been accepted to a special journalism program that offered students with poor high school grades extra classes to help them catch up. She said the crowds at the University of Johannesburg showed how eager young South Africans were to grasp opportunities apartheid had denied their parents.

“Everyone in this country wants to be educated,” she said. “They want to be independent, and to get proper jobs.”


Although I agree that education is crucial, the so called “education system” we currently have can hardly be called “education”, it is more like indoctrination.

The first lesson we get taught, is the orders of authority.  The second lesson they teach you is to work with each other to achieve the desired ends of those in control.  If a group of children are taught to engage in the same behaviour regardless of what they want to do, then they will never fight back as adults.  They will become the citizens that are easily terrified by police officer’s into voluntarily giving up their rights.  This is the group of workers that surrender their lives to the corporation, that tells them how to dress, how to speak, what time to wake up, which means they are also being told what time to go to bed.

This is why everything the child says and does must match the interest of their school teachers.  Their behaviour must co incide with a set policy and set regulation.  They can not use the bathroom without permission.  If they wish to speak, they must raise their hands.  After a certain period of time, a bell rings, and everyone must move to it.  This could not be more slave like.  Mandatory schooling has never been anything other than the mandatory memorisation of monotonous, dead facts, whilst training children to master repetitious behaviour.  This type of training becomes a ritual for a child, it becomes the plot background for their television shows, and books, or the ideology taught to them by a teacher or a parent.

The school environment is much like a prison, with a population lacking any ability to check the authority of the warden.  They have no control over their entire lives, and this is directly related to youth violence, because the only control they have is between each other.  Like prison, school has forced co-habitation, and the co inhabitants do not always get along, and there is no other choice but to suffer them.  Like violence between inmates in prison, bullying at school starts here.

state of education

School is so much like prison, that the second a child fails to appear in school at a certain time, like a court date, the police are allerted.  The government has Truancy Officers to ensure than no child is skipping school.   The state does not care if children are homeless, or on the streets, being abused or suffering from malnutrition and hunger.  At the end of 12 years of  behavior controlling state authority, which is much like a prison sensence, the child is released into the world, once trained to do what they are told, and only then can they can be free.

The produce of school, more acurately defined as a state controlled manufacturing operation, is a society willing to submit and obey.  Forced behaviour, which technically amounts to slavery, will only result in a mindset of fear and terror.

You need to be somewhere at a set time, either by the orders of an authority, or a bell, everyone in one mass just shifts to another place or another position to engage in an activity.

Children are not only trained to follow instruction, they are trained to follow a certain behaviour.   Rules regulations and laws are set, whilst standards of culture, morality and behaviour are imprinted into vulnerable young minds that are in the blossoming stages of development.  Their minds are being intercepted by the state, and molded to conform to the states standards.  This is nothing new, this is the very aim and purpose of schooling.  It is no surprise then that global power and corporate wealth is based on an educational system that works against individuals of true character and true intellect, because the mindless beaurocrat or thoughtless worker, who will follow a system without question, is the pattern that our system depends on.  This is what school produces.  The system is not designed to educate the public, which is why government beaurocracy decides what gets taught to kids, not the parents, not the school board.

Every law is harshly enforced with the maximum punishment.  The tone of a principle, is like the tone of a warden, and with no check on their authority, they always have a way of using a cohersive ability to enforce a standard on the population.  Punishment awaits any kids who challenges this ruling force.

The aim of public education, is not to fill the young of our species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, the aim of our current education system is simply to reduce as many people as possible to the same “safe” level, to train them into standardized citizenry, and to completely destroy originality.  All students of the educational system are brainwashed in order to create a complacent labour force which fulfil the interests of the corporatocracy and secret goverments.

An entire monotonous culture is being built, stripping chilren of their power to cause trouble for the state at an early age, whilst training them to be good servants.  Mandatory schooling produces children that are either terrified by the tyranny of others, or have been raised to perpetually exploit the conditions of others, without question or conscience, because we are “educated” out of our ability to think for ourselves or engage in critical thinking…but ask yourself,

Is there really such a thing as “uncritical thinking”?

To think is to process informtion in order to form a view or opinion, but if we are not critical when processing this information, are we really thinking, or are we mindlessly accepting the opinions of others as truth?

We are most certainly not being enlightened to all the facts of our present reality by a clandestined educational system that sets us up for enslavement, when jobs many jobs could be automated.  Most of us are born into this system, and we have no choice in life but to follow this system of enslavement in order to survive in society.  A very obvious symptom of this is how our motivational force has become money, when our motivational force should be passion, but the system has made it all about money, and thus our passion is lost, an the human spirit suppressed, as we are forced to engage with an educational system that trains us rather than inspires us.

There are many problems being faced by those who are reforming our public educational systems around the world.  Firstly, they are trying to work out how do we educate our children to take their place in the economy of the twenty first century, given that we cant anticipate what the economy will look like at the end of next week, given the recent turmoil.  Another major issue is the cultural aspect.  Every country on earth is trying to work out how do we educate our children so that they have a sense of cultural idenity, so that we can pass on the cultural heritage, whilst being part of the process of globalisation.  I myself am very anxious to see how they work out this paradox.

Our basic educational system has remained basically unchanged for the last century at least.  The problem is, the current education system was designed, structured and conceived in  for a different age, it was in the intellectual culture of the enlightenment and in the economic circumstances of the industrial revolution.   If we look into the roots of 19th century industrialism, the civil war demonstrated to industrialists and financiers how a standardised population trained to follow orders without significant thought can be made to function as a money tree.  Before the middle of the 19th Century, there were no systems of public education.  One could only be educated by Jesuits, if you had the money.

It was indeed a revolutionary idea when public education, which became compulsory for everybody in many parts of the world, came into being.  At the time, many people said it was not possible for working class kids to benefit from education, as the social and econmic infra structure was not capable of supporting an all academic base.  And thus, there still exists even to this day, a whole set of assumptions about social set and capacities, which was driven by the economic imperative of the time, whilst at the same time, running right through this was an intellectual model of the mind, which was essentially the so called “Enlightenment Era” view of intelligence, which consisted of a capacity of deductive reasoning, a knowledge of classical literature, and what we have come to think of as “academic ability”.  This is deeply engrained into the culture of public education.  This is where we get the classic mislabelling of the two streams of people, being “academing”, and “non-academic”, being “smart” people, or “not smart” people, and as a result, many brilliant people think that they are not smart, because the are being labelled and judged against an archaic view of the mind.  We are far more a complex a human being than to be labelled under two limiting catagories.

The problems lies in the fact that they are trying to meet the future by trying to do what they did in the past, and along the way, they are alienating millions of kids who dont see any purpose in going to school.  When I went to school,  I was kept there by the belief that if you worked hard and did well, you would get to go to University and you would get a well paid job.  Kids nowdays do not believe that anymore, and they have every right not to.  An education is not a guarentee of a job. In fact less than 10% of college graduates end up in their chosen profession.  Many are fored to seek employment doing something that “pays the bills”, rather than being something they have chosen out of choice.

state of education

The reason education has always been pushed as the solutions to all the problems in South Africa, is because we have been led to believe that education raises the standard of living, which is sheer and utter poverty for many South Africans.  It is right to assume then that we are always trying to raise the standard in education, because we would also raise the standard of living for the mass, because it makes sense to do so.  Nobody wants it to get worse and go the opposite direction as there is no logical argument to suggest why it is beneficial to go backward.  We are ever evolving and should always be aiming to go grow and expand our potential, but this simply does not happen with our current system of education, which is all about creating certain types to fulfil predetermined roles.


Millions of children who struggle to pay attention in class are being routinely drugged and unecessarily medicated. Attention Deficit Disorder has been catagorised as a disorder amongst children that requires the administration of drugs such as Ritalin.

Wikipedia says the following about Ritalin:

Methylphenidate (Ritalin, MPH, MPD) is a psychostimulant drug approved for treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrom and narcolepsy. It may also be prescribed for off-label use in treatment-resistant cases of lethargy, depression, neural insult and obesity. Methylphenidate belongs to the piperdine class of compounds and increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain through reuptake inhibition of the monoamine transporters. Methylphenidate possesses structural similarities to amphetamine and its pharmacological effects are more similar to those of cocaine.

Whether or not Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) this is an actually existing disorder, or whether this is just a collective thought form created in order to create a reason for drugging our children into submission, is still a matter that is very much up for debate in the public spectrum, yet without the firm establishment of a confirmed disorder, there are so many kids on drugs like Ritalin, that one would think that ADHD is an epidemic disease, which in reality, probably does not even exist.

We are living in the most intensely stimulating period in known history.  Children are being beseiged with information, from every conceivable direction and platform, including computer, to smart phones and tablets, to hundreds of television channels, to computer games.  How boring it is to have to stare and an uninspiring teacher and a chalk board, where there are far more interesting things going on in the world.  What is being done now is, childen are being penalised for getting distracted.  This punishment is drugging them with poisons that can have a long term impact on the mind and body.  With all due respect, we can’t blame these kids if they get distracted, as education is extremely boring.  We are taught the biggest pile of lies and bull shit that have absolutely no practical baring in reality, and then we are expected to memorise and regurgitate this non sense in standardised testing and examinations.  Furthermore, children in a classroom are educated in a competitive way, because of the limiting sylabus, the only way to track progress is through a competitive process.  When I was in school, we were told our position in class at the end of each school term.  I only ever once came in second position in class, as my highest position.  The stigma attached to children who came last in class followed them onto the play ground and in other social areas.  Positioning in class is largely determined by a teacher, and if that teacher does not like you, it does not matter how clever you are, you will not get a first position in class, and thus you position in class has nothing to do with your potential, rather how well you conform to the teacher and syllabus.

It is no co incidence that the increase of ADHD has happened along side the growth of competitive education and standardised testing and exams.  Kids are being given Ritalin and all manner of things, which are actually quite dangerous drugs, if you look at what is in them, as well as the side effects and long term effects.  All this is done in an effort to get children focused and calm them down.

The Arts (although not exclusively the Arts) are the victims of this mentality, as creativity and expression are affected by this constant drugging of children, who as a result, never develope true creative potential.  The Arts especially adresses the idea of aesthetic experience.  An aesthetic experience is one where your senses are operating at their peak, when you are resonating in the moment or creating as a fully alive individual.  Anaesthetic, is when you shut your senses off and deaden yourself to what is happening, and alot of these drugs are Anaesthetics.  We are getting our children through education by anesthetising them. …What we really should be doing, is not putting them to sleep, but waking them up to what they have inside of themselves.

Our system of education is modeled on the interests of industrialism, and on the image of it.  An example of this is how schools are organised similar to factory lines, complete with ringing bells, separate facilities, specialised into separate subjects.  Children are still educated by batches, as we put them through the system by age group, much like a batch number and expiry date marks the age of a product.  Why is there this assumption that the most important thing kids have in common is how old they are?  It is like the most important thing about them is their date of manufacture.  There are always kids of the same age who are much better than other kids at the same disciplines, or at different times of the day, or better in small groups, or better in larger groups, or perhaps they enjoy being on their own.  The simple fact is, if you are interested in creating a model of education that will create a better world, you dont start from the “production line” mentality.  Our current education is about creating conformity.  We are so much more than walking libraries robotically trained to blurt out facts that were drilled into us at school.

We are all very special, so are we not deserving of something better?

Imagine what life would be like if we used our minds for animation, rather than memorisation, for creativity, rather than futile activity.  The purpose of existEnce is certainly not to get a degree, so that we can get a job, so that we can consume and consume and consume, and is so doing, we drive the machine that in effect, powers the Hidden Empire.

Even though I grew up in South Africa, I went through a typical institutionalised education, where rules and regulations existed in part for the sake of creating an Institutional Identity .  Stringent rules were enforced along with an highly impractical, strict school uniform that did not suit the tropical climate.  Even the word ‘uniform’ suggests that there is only ever “one form”, and forms of diversity were not allowed. Weekly inspections of our uniforms were held and anybody with even a slight deviation would be repremanded, with repeated offenCes resulting in detention after school on a Friday afternoon, where the offending detainee would be forced to write the school rules over and over again.

The School Rules where the framework upon which my institutionalised school was built, and thus, contravening them was treated as a serious offence.  Upon entering the school, we were given a copy of the rules which we had to sign, along with our parents, before the school would accept you as a student, which reality meant that you promise to do what the ‘educational’ (and I use this term very losly) institutions say, and accept their word as law.

Even before you know what it is you will be taught, you are told not to question it, and the stripping down of personal identity by uniforming the students, is a similar tactic that is used in mental institutions… irrespective of what type of institution, the methodology is the same.

And… as we were forced to go to school – if not by parents, then by law – we had no choice but to allow our minds be subjected to routine, calculated institutional brainwashing.

The first six years of a child’s life establishes,  to a large extent, how they identify themselves and how they relate to the world around them going forward in life.  It is also at this age when they start schooling, that they seem to loose their natural spiritual connection with the world around them that they are inherently born with.  Certain naturally inquisitive instincts are deliberately toned down by the limiting syllabus and the way that it is taught in schools which stimulates only the left brain, as we are taught to repeat what we are told, and not to think we know the answers during test time.  Through teaching in a way that only stimulates the left brain, the process of compartmentalisation is created, which is leant by being taught to label things and communicate them in written form according to their label.  When compartmentalised structures take root in the mind, they create separatist identities for all things, in so doing, we loose the ability to connect the dots and relate things to each other, as these compartments of information are sectioned off in our brain, which is why it has taken so long for us to see the bigger picture that pertains to our present reality.

The other important aspect of education that goes unquestioned by the great majority of people out there, is the Educational Institution’s appointment of teachers.  Having lived in several countries and seen how almost anybody can become a teacher, it makes me realise that parents put their children in the hands of individuals that may be qualified by the state, but have no place impacting on vulnerable minds.

A  great teacher can be the difference to many children on a pass or fail mark in a less interesting subject.  If one takes a subject at school they enjoy, but have a bad teacher, the child will loose interest in the subject and learn not to like it anymore.  This was the case with my History teacher.  I specifically chose History as a subject because of my great life long facination of how we got to this point.  I had always enjoyed it as a subject at school and achieved reasonably good grades.  In fact, I was not allowed to take both Art and History as subjects at school, so I wrongly chose History, even though Art would have been the logical choice, given that I had painted for exhibitions at the age of 11, thus I sacrificed one passion for another.  I found History extremely facinating, that is, up until my tenth year when I was taught by the most uninspiring, miserable woman, who always stank of alcohol and stale cigarettes.  She would sit at her desk, looking hung over and teach to us from an over head projector also stationed on her desk, which reflected onto a big white screen, hardly ever rising to her feet, except when it came time for a cigarette break.  This uninspiring history teacher would then make us copy the notes from the  projection screen while she popped out for a puff.  This was by far the most uninspiring way to be taught, needless to say, I fell asleep in class often due to lack of inspiration for the subject, which sadly, had always been incredibly interesting to me.  My grades in this subject dropped dramatically, affecting my final results and my overall average.

On the other end of the spectrum, if a child takes a subject at school that they dislike, but have a truly inspirational teacher, the classes and the subject will become interesting and inspiring.  Such was the case when I took Biology as a subject.  It was probably my least favourite subject up until I got Miss Bartel as my Biology teacher.  She had such a lovely way about her that I enjoyed spending time listening to her explain the world on a cellular and atomic level.  I took such interest in her lessons that I can clearly remember many of them even to this day.

And then there are the teachers who out change your life.  One of my favourite films of all time is without a doubt, Dead Poet’s Society.  I totally identified with the impact that the part played by Robin Williams as the charasmatic English teacher Mr. Keating, had on his students. It was not unlike my own experience with my eleventh year English teacher.  This film came out at around the same time as I was priviledged enough to have Mrs Busey as my English Literature and Language teacher.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be gifted with such an inspiring teacher, who by their very passion and enthusiasm for what they teach, infuse you with that same passion and enthusiasm.  I worked harder in her class than in all others, and I found within, a love language, for poetry, literature and story, and developed a passion for writing.  Mrs Busey effectively altered the course of my life and went on to be the same inspiration to my brother many years later when she taught him, and I am sure hundreds of other children that came after.  Sadly for most of our children, the position of teacher is a underpaid and thus, under appreciated job in society, which is why many more people who are worthy and could be that inspiration, never become teachers and often it is a job for people who can not do anything else.  And as a result, children are taught an uninspiring required syllabus, put in place by the established instituions that govern education.  One of my favourite minds on the subject, David Icke, often refers to teachers, lecturers, professors and all such like passers on of supposed knowledge and education, as the “Repeaters”, for the following reasons:

The teaching colleges repeat what the government has told them to repeat to teachers, the teachers then repeat what these teaching colleges tell them to repeat to children.  And the same process is repeated for tertiary educational institutions.  The people we entrust to shape the minds of children, use a system of repeaters to pass on controlling information.  The information that is going to be taught to your children is decided at the highest level, then cascaded down through a series of repeaters. When children sit exams, they then have to repeat what they have been taught.  They are not allowed to think for themselves, or use possible answers, they need to repeat exactly what they have been taught. If they repeat what they have been taught well enough, they get good grades and perhaps a place at a good university.  The same process happens here again, and dependant on the student’s ability to repeat back information in the form of  exams, depends whether they stand good chances of getting a great job or engaging on a fruitful career.  All this depends on the ability within people to repeat what they have been told by people who are not in possession of the truth.

Just to clarify, repetition is one of the key elements brain washing and mind control, which I will cover later.

Being from Durban, a place where Gandhi spent some time, I have always found him to be the closest thing South Africa has ever known to a teacher.  When Gandhi was asked what he thought about westernized education, he commented that he believed education was good and that it was about time the west had some, because clearly what we are taught in western educational circles, is not education.  Having the power to shape the minds of children is an incredible power.  Teachers can really make a difference in a child’s life, as can a good education, not to be mistaken with indoctrination, which is what we currently have.

After all, teachers are employed and paid by the establishment, they teach what they are taught to teach, they do not think for themselves and then teach those thoughts.  If a teacher went off on their own and decided to teach a child something that the government controlled education department  has put in place as compulsory syllabus, they would not last very long in there jobs.

I mean no disrespect to any teaching professional when I say this, but if you do not think for yourself, and teach what you have been taught to teach, then surely you are nothing more than a mindless repeater?

What is inspiring about that?

Furthermore, why would anybody aspire to that?

As it is, children nowadays learn more than the establishment care for them to know from uncontrolled media sources, which is one of the true beauties and also most dreaded features of the internet, the sheer and unlimited access and availability of information.  The very way education educates is becoming irrelevant, because as we evolve, we are beginning to realise that knowledge is power and control of knowledge is control of power.

Education is all about producing a person for a job, and certainly covers many irrelevant subjects and does not focus maximising our true potential.  People do not know a lot about many different subjects because we are not taught about many different things.  In my last few years of High School, I had six subjects…

How can the vastness and complexity of the world be divided into six subjects?

It can’t, and that is the point:

We do not have a broad enough perspective of the world to understand the bigger picture, and that is done on purpose.  You could not get people to go to war if they knew a lot about the world, and how we are all connected.

The more you educate yourself, the more perspective you gain, and the more you realise that we are living a matrix of lies.  In South Africa, when we finish High School, it is even said that we “matri”culate, which is by very definition the successful process of having been successfully indoctrinated into the Matrix.

Education is mostly form and written context based.  People are not taught how to solve problems or think in the fourth dimension.  They do not yet know how to work with what is already there, as they are not given the tools and guidance on how to manage our emotions and engage critical thinking.  Getting good grades at school, depends on how well you can repeat back what you have been ‘told’ or taught.  We are supposed to believe that everything we are taught in school is fact, but if you don’t understand it because it does not make sense, and thus you are unable to repeat it back during exam time, you get poor grades.  Getting an education has nothing to do with understanding the way the world works, and everything to do with how well you can repeat things, ie. How well you allow yourself to be conditioned into a certain mind set in order to created the norms and structures in society.  Free thinkers are branded as losers or rebels and are told that they will amount to nothing…

We could encourage the best qualities of youthfulness, of curiosity, inventfulness, resilience, the capacity for surprising insights, simply by being more flexible about times and curriculum within the schooling system.  Kids need to be given the autonomy they need in order to develop into truly independent adults who are willing to take a risk every now and then.  We are all expected to be the same.  We are trained to be afraid of the same things, we are all trained to lust after money and covent material possessions, we are all trained in school to aim to pass every standardised test, and those that think differently, or are creative and deviate from the norm because they see light through a different lens, are treated as worthless in the scheme of public education, and are often punished, either by the school, or with bad grades.  This is often compounded by parents who ignorantly believe that the system is beneficial for their child, and who feel that by enforcing the protocol of achievement of good grades, often in mentally, emotionally and even physically abusive ways, they are doing what is right.  Right for who?  Right for the child, or right for a system of banal mediocrity and enslavement?


Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.  Divergent thinking is an essential capacity in order to be creative.  Divergent thinking is the ability to see lots of possible ways of interpreting a question, and possible answers to a question.  This is the ability to think laterally, in which one can  see convergent ways not linear, where the possibility is multi dimensional.  Just before children enter school, they are at their most creative, and that creativity is indoctrinated out of them as they go through their education.  In fact, test were done where children at pre school level were given a test for divergent thinking.  It  turned out that 98% of the children tested scored at genius level for divergent thinking.  They retested the same children five years later, ages 8 to 10, and the score was 50%.  These same kids were tested five years after that it dropped to 10%.  One would think that as we get older and get “more educated”, that our capacity for divergent thinking should increase, when in reality it does not, it decreases.  What is very evident is, we all have this capacity for creativity and divergent thinking, but it deteriorates as we get older and we are educated and indoctrinated into mediocrity and conformity.

Studies in America have shown that university and college students from top universities have a higher intelligence quotient, or I.Q., before they enter tertiary education, compared with when they leave.  The I.Q. actually drops at university level, which means, that supposedly ‘higher’ education is actually making the average person dumber.  The true ingenious deceipt becomes that much more sickening when you look at the amount of money parents have to fork out for their kids to give them what they perceive is a decent education.  What is even sadder, is those who voluntarily enter into debt, choosing student loans, and / or working part time whilst trying to get “educated”.

The question beckons, why is there the need to make everyone’s perspective and thus experience the same with institutionalisation and paralysing forms of education?

Our societies biggest concern should be the mental development of each and every one of the children on this planet, and thus, motivate each person to their highest potential.  Because the smarter your kids are, the more they contribute to the overall global intellegence and the better the world will be.  Everyone becomes a contributor and we can all work towards contributing on a higher level.  They will contribute more constructively because everything learnt will be applied to making society better and making the beautiful planet that is our home, a more peaceful and sustainable place to live.

A wondeful form of mis-education or social manipulation, is the implementation of  certain traditions based or religion.  It is mentally paralysing and somewhat cruel to tell children tails or unrealistic facts and exaggerated claims and expect them to believe it and not question it.  This constitutes the perpetual deliberate paralysing of the brain as we are taught to ignore logic and instinct in favour of far fetched tales with no logical basis in reality.

With all do respect, telling children that rain deer can fly, is effectively telling them lies, and is as believable as is telling them that a rabbit delivers chocolate eggs.

And yes, we do tell them that!

We absolutely need to seek a system of education that encourages critical thought.  If children start to buy into the lies and manipulation from a young age without question, they always will, and thus virtually guarentee to committing themselves to being mind slaves for the established institutions for the rest of their lives.  The greatest skill that needs to be taught to our children and our society today, is the ability to think critically, and the ability to make up their own minds, and not be subject the the environmental and hereditary prejudices that we ignorantly accept.  The worst thing we can ever do to our childen, is to tell them not to question.  Many parents and teachers reinforce this, sometimes abusively, in order to “control” a child.  But the reality is that truth comes from within and can not be denied.  It is the inherent natural instinct of all of us to become aligned with our inner truths, and thus, we need to give children the freedom make up their own minds about what they believe, instead of being told what to believe.

When I left school, I honestly had no idea what i wanted to do with my life, as I saw every subject I had taken was about excelling and not learning, and thus I had not learned what I needed to know in order to fulfil my purpose here.  I was forced to make a choice about what I wanted to study, in a hopes to lead me on to a further career.  I had trouble imagining myself in any of the pigeon hole options with which I was presented.  We live in a world that is dominated by fear of what other people may think, and as a result, our uniqueness is suppressed.  I always felt incredibly out of place at school,  because I was always “very different”, and I did not fit the system as well as others.  But now I see that it was not me that was the problem, but rather a system that is designed to enslave us rather than setting us free, and instinctually inside of me, I always new I had to fight it.  School for me was nothing more than a 12 year forced government training program that tried to break me inside.  Those who actually survive the conformity programming of schooling, are indeed a rare breed.

Until we abolish mandatory schooling, your child will be bought up as a slave, so that he can accept becoming a slave in adulthood.

And now as I saw my baby brother going through his college years, I struggled to find the will to wish him well for exams, because I know the reality all to well.  When he graduated, this is exactly what I told him:

Having received you University Degree, you are among the 6.7 percent          of the world’s most educated elite. If your education has been a good one, you are likely to have more questions than answers. If your education has been mediocre, you are likely to think you have more answers than questions.

Did you have a chance at University to ponder these questions?:

What does it mean to be human?

Why are we here on Earth?

What are the greatest goals one can pursue in life?

What are the keys to a happy and fulfilled life?

You may have been taught many things during your college years, but did you actually learn anyting of value?

If you didn’t, it’s not too late.

For example, was there a course on surviving natural disaster?

If not, you may not be prepared to make a difference in ending the great dangers to humanity in the 21st century.

Do you know how many nuclear weapons there are in the world?

Do you know which countries possess them?

Do you know what nuclear weapons do to cities?

Do you know whether these weapons are legal or illegal under international law?

Do you know whether they could end civilization and the human species?

Do you know about the Nuremberg Principles, those that were derived from the tribunals at Nuremberg that held the Nazi leaders to account after World War II?

Do you know that these principles apply not just to Nazi leaders, but to all leaders who commit heinous crimes under international law?

Do you know what those crimes are?

Have you studied the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Do you know to whom these rights apply?

Do you know that these rights encompass economic and social rights as well as political and civil rights?

Do you know that we all live on a single fragile planet and that we humans are the caretakers and stewards of this planet, not only for ourselves, but for future generations yet unborn?

Do you realize that you are about to enter a world of vast inequalities?

Do you understand that throughout the world there are more than a billion people who are malnourished and go to bed hungry every night?

Can you comprehend that in our world there are still 50,000 children who die daily of starvation and preventable diseases?

Does your education lead you to believe that money will buy happiness?

It may buy fancy material things, and even status, but it is unlikely that it will buy happiness or fulfillment in life. Caring for others and living with compassion, commitment and courage offers a far surer path to a fulfilled and happy life.

Graduating from college is a commencement, not an ending. It is a commencement into responsibility for one’s society and one’s world. Exercising this responsibility is a daily task, a necessary and never-ending task. It is a task that will require further education, outside the college classroom, but inside the multiversity of life.

The world needs to change. We cannot continue to teeter on the precipice of nuclear and ecological disasters. We cannot continue to exist divided into those who live in abundance and those who live in scarcity. We cannot allow the greed of the few to overwhelm the need of the many. We cannot continue to exploit the planet’s finite resources, in effect, stealing from the future. We cannot continue to draw lines on the planet and separate ourselves into warring factions.

For the world to change, new peace leaders and change makers will be needed. The first and most important questions you must ask yourself in your new role as graduates are these:

Will I be one of the peace leaders and change makers, devoting myself to building a better world?

Or, will I choose to be detached and complacent in the face of the 21st century’s social, economic, political and military threats to humanity?

As the little prince, in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book by that name, stated so clearly, “It’s a matter of discipline…. When you’ve finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend your planet.”

Look around. Our beautiful planet needs a lot of tending.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


Since the beginning of the year, we have seen tensions mounting in my beloved home country of South Africa.  I get letters every day from scared South Africans asking me what is coming next, and what they can do about it.

In recent months we have been seeing posts on social media from black South Africans detailing how there is much recruitment for war going on in the Locations and Townships.

In the below video, we see military clad black man calling for all fronts of the “Liberation Movement”, including the  the armed terrorist wing of the African National Congress, to march to the Department of the Office of Military Veterans on 6 April 2016, to inform them of the upcoming war.  Please check out the video below on link below.

Now the thing that concerns me about this video, is that this guy, who ever he is, clearly looks a little crazed.  Check out the crazy bulging eyes, which send absolute chills down my spine, not because he is at all scary, but because this is the kind of crazed psychopaths we have calling for and inciting war.  And what are they fighting for?  Liberty?  Freedom?  Peace?


None of these are achieved by war.

In the end, neither side ever really wins a war.

The only winners are the bankers and military industrial complex, who profit mercilessly of the situation.

Don’t fall into the trap of hating your fellow man enough that you feel the need to kill him in the name of illusory ideals.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


As I work my way though the various news items in South Africa that seems to be getting people buzzing, the one name that keeps coming up is that of the GUPTA family.

When I talk about the Shadow Government that operate from outside the borders of South Africa, many South Africans identify that with the Gupta Family.


For those who don’t know who they are, the Gupta family is an Indian-South African business family whose notable members are the brothers Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh “Tony” Gupta. The Gupta family owns a number of companies in a range of different industries ranging from energy to media publications. Their first venture into South Africa was the establishment of Sahara Computers and Sahara Systems (Pty) Ltd. In mining, their interests include Oakbay Resources and Energy, which is a gold mining and processing company. They also own the Shiva Uranium Mine, Tegeta Exploration and Resources, Westdawn Investments (Pty) Ltd which is trading as JIC Mining Services, and Black Edge Exploration. They have substantial media interests in South Africa through TNA Media (Pty) Ltd, including THE NEW AGE, a national newspaper, and ANN7 (African News Network), a 24-hour news channel. Other interests include VR Laser Services steel fabrication for mining, engineering and armoured vehicles applications, Islandsite Investments 180, and Confident Concepts.

The Guptas have been absolutely slated in the mainstream media due to their close and rather controversially close relationship with South African president Jacob Zuma.

The Guptas influence on the president has been described by the former General Secretary of the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions, Zwelinzima Vavi, as a “shadow government”. These claims are rooted in the fact that the Gupta family employed Jacob Zuma’s wife Bongi Ngema-Zuma. One of Jacob Zuma’s sons, Duduzane Zuma, is the director in a number of Gupta owned firms. One of Jacob Zuma’s daughters, Duduzile Zuma, was made a director of Gupta owned Sahara Computers shortly after Zuma’s election to presidency in 2008.

The Gupta family, their wealth and influence first came to public attention in April 2013, when a plane load of 217 guests from India were cleared to land at the South African Air Force base at Waterkloof for the marriage of Vega Gupta to Aakash Jahajgarhia. This event caused a significant controversy that led to the African National Congress and other political parties, as well as the South African National Defence Union, to denounce this use of the air force base. The ANC issued a statement calling for “those responsible for giving the family permission to come to the country without going through the normal channels, be “brought to book””.   In the aftermath of the event, India’s High Commissioner Virendra Gupta (not related to the Gupta family) said publicly that the Indian High Commission was given permission to land the plane at Waterkloof Air Force Base. He explained that the Commission communicated through its defence adviser with the chief of defence for foreign relations in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF).

The landing was cleared by Bruce Koloane, who was Chief of State Protocol at the department of international relations, who insisted that the flight was a “sensitive” official visit. Koloane was demoted after an investigation concluded that he used Zuma’s name to illegally authorize the landing. President Zuma was scheduled to attend the wedding but canceled after the incident became public. The family apologised for the incident stating that they applied for special permission to land as a number of the guests were Indian government minsters. The incident prompted a significant outcry that it was dubbed “Guptagate” by the South African media.

Having taken witness statements from many different people, I know for a fact that it is not all that unusual to have high profile / wealthy people fly into non commercial airports in South Africa. In fact, this happens all the time. There are entire nature reserves with private airports in them reserved just for the Elites / Illuminati / Shadow Government to use without having to go through the official channels for clearance via passport control.

My research has led me to the conclusion that the Gupta family are NOT the “Shadow Government”, that controls South Africa. Indeed, the Gupta family may be very wealthy and politically connected, and let’s face it, with enough money and influential friends, you can pretty much fly a plane into any private, government or military airport, but they are not the real threat behind the scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I despise crony capitalism, nepotism and corruption in business, but my professional view on the Gupta family is that they are a distraction from the real “Shadow Government”. The Gupta family provides a convenient point of reference at which we can point fingers whilst ignoring true threat and enemy, and this is easy to do considering their self made influence and wealth.

However due to this influence and wealth, it is my firm belief that the Gupta family pose a threat to the Illuminati, which is why there is such a sustained ongoing campaign against them in the main stream media. I mean let’s face it, the Gupta family are by far not the worse of the lot when it comes to the Elitists who control this world. There are far more extreme examples to references.


At worst, the Gupta family is overly ambitious and very successful business tycoons, who have used their wealth and influence with politicians for personal profit, and sometimes in ways that can be seen as high-level government corruption. The truth be told, the Gupta family are just one family in a long list of people who are doing just such things. They have nothing to do with the secretive shadow government that is running South Africa, and in fact pose a threat to the Illuminati, due to their growing wealth and influence. This is evidenced by the fact that the Dominican Order, a Catholic organisation, has requested an investigation into allegations that deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas and former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor, were offered cabinet posts in exchange for agreement to be influenced by the Guptas’ political and business interests.

Due to the fact that the real “shadow government” and indeed the entire control structure is run by the Roman Cult, being the Illuminati / Jesuits / Vatican / Knights, it is unlikely that they would turn on one of their own, unless that person / people posed a threat to the Roman Cult. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church has never ever stood up against the corruption of tycoons such as Cecil John Rhodes, Nicky Openheimer or Johann Rupert, due to the fact that they are assets of the Illuminati / Jesuits / Vatican / Roman Cult. The reason that the Guptas are now being singled out in such a public way, is because their power and influence is a threat to the POWERS THAT BE, as they are not part of the “secret club”.

At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a power struggle between a wealthy and perhaps somewhat corrupt Indian business family, and the dark forces that control and run South Africa. I am not saying that the Gupta family are good or bad, right or wrong, innocent or guilty, what I am saying is, don’t be fooled by distraction. The Gupta family is being being made an example of by those that feel threatened by them, by putting all the details about the Gupta family’s dealings, into the public’s attention to create spectacle and cause distraction.  This is being done because the Gupta family are a threat to the Illuminati, who are more of a threat to the people of South Africa, than the Gupta family.

Don’t be distracted by perversion diversion tactics. Time to work out who the real power players are in this illusory game.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




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