LOST CIVILISATIONS: Secrets of the Kalahari by Mel Ve – Over the last decade there have been many discoveries in Southern Africa pointing to a very ancient advanced society living on a vast scale across Southern Africa long before official history even begins.

Having grown up in South Africa, and having been subjected to the mundane brainwashing of the government controlled educational institutions, it is clear that what we have been taught about our history is very limited in truth and fact.  This has become even more evident with the discoveries of people such as helicopter pilot Johan Heine, who first spotted various sets of ruins across in Southern Africa, spanning a vast space – pictures below

The remains of stone buildings


Ancient agricultural terraces in South Africa

These ruins are spread across Southern Africa, belonging to an large scale ancient society that stretched right across Southern Africa… and may have potentially been destroyed by a cataclysmic disaster such as a flood.  This is not difficult to fathom when we take into account the many flood stories that exist in mythology, such as the story of Noah, or the epic of Gilgamesh.

When one begins to look at the Kalahari Desert, their are many secrets that are now coming to light, about a once thriving civilisation that existed possibly tens of thousands of years ago, possibly over a hundred thousand years ago.

I have recently taken great interest in the area known as Tsodilo Hills in Northwestern Botswana, which is the site Rhino Cave which is  a 70 000 year old ritual site, featuring a large stone serpent that has been carved into stone.  The clear evidence of ritual activity indicates that this was an advanced society that engaged in Ophiolatry, more commonly known as dragon / serpent worship.

Please check out this interview with Professor Sheila Coulson, Associate Professor of Archeology at the University of Oslo, who was in charge of the excavation in Rhino cave – link below

Having taken much interest in this particular site of what appears to be ancient ritual serpent worship, I began looking for the remnants of a lost civilisation that may be connected to this particular site, and of course I did not have to look too far.  I was absolutely delighted to stumble onto these aerial pictures taken in the Kalahari Desert, which clearly show agricultural irrigation canals separating, what would have been, agricultural belts, which are evenly spaced at roughly a mile wide.  What was even more interesting to note is just how these agricultural belts and water canals totally surround Tsodilo Hills, which was up until now, was thought to have been completely isolated in a desert, but clearly, it was once the centre of a massive thriving agricultural community.

Tsodilo Hills from from above with clear ancient agricultural terrain surrounding the hills – lines are most clearly visible directly below Tsdilo Hills

This is the largest wide-array man made (or at least non natural) structure in the world, which is an ancient terra formed system of agricultural irrigation canals in Northwestern Botswana and Northeastern Namibia, in the northern part  of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. The canal systems no longer provide free flowing water throughout its 105,000 mile array, but many sections show obvious intention to provide cross sectional irrigation.  These canals are too evenly spaced over too large an area to be any kind of natural formation.  Its age is defined by the overgrown nature of the canals, as well as some areas that are covered over with drift and sand erosion.

remains of agricultural canals in the Kalahari Desert
Agricultural planes about 1.5 kilometres wide, separated by canals of about 300 meters wide


This system represents roughly 67 MILLION acres of sustainable agriculture. Given the sophistication of design, it is entirely plausible to assume an above average yield, i.e. feeding well over 90 persons per acre on an annual basis.  In fact, this entire agricultural system could have supported around 6 billion people.

This agricultural system of canals is in fact the largest non natural ancient structure / artefact to yet be discovered on Earth. It can be clearly viewed unaided from the International Space Station at roughly 230 miles up, which cannot be said for any other non natural feature on Earth.  The entire complex covers an area about equal in size to the State of Arizona in the USA.  

For more about this amazing discovery, which is the oldest and largest ancient civilisation to have yet been discovered, please check out the below presentation

DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 episode 6 | 22 February 2017

For more about ancient history, mythology, lost CULTures and symbolism, please check out Mel Ve’s body of work called DRAGONOLOGY

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Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve






Michael Tellinger
Dear Sirs and Madams,
Please feel free to be advised that the following is the Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God. After watching videos on Ubuntu and Contributionism, I joined the Ubuntu Liberation Movement in 2015 and moved up to Waterval Boven to become a volunteer for Ubuntu in January 2016. As a volunteer at the Ubuntu Village with Michael Tellinger I very quickly found out that the property is actually called “The Stone Circle” and it is a PRIVATE PROPERTY, which belongs to Michael Tellinger.
In very short order it became clear to me that there is NO UBUNTU VILLAGE, there is NO Self-Sustaining systems, No Bakery, giving away daily bread, No Fish Farm delivering free fish nor any terraced and landscaped gardens. For the last plus/minus 5 years MJT has been collecting Donations under the pretense of feeding the masses and uplifting the world. Sadly he is only uplifting himself and his ego-driven appetite for consumption. Where have the millions of Rands worth of donations gone? Last year Millions of Rands were raised but less than R9000.00 was spent on Soup Kitchens, I paid for almost all of them myself.
The following is a list of new purchases Mr. Micheal Tellinger has made, which I personally witnessed, within the last year: A Gold coloured Jeep 4×4, a white Toyota Rav 4×4(they were purchased to promote his Stone Circle buisness), new driveway at Michaels house, newly refurbished cottage at Michaels house, 6x Ensuite Cottages being built at Stone Circle Bistro, new Museum being built at Stone Circle Bistro, New furniture(complete) at Stone Circle Bistro, Stone Circle Bistro completely repainted(entire property all around), New JoJo Water Tanks at Stone Circle Bistro and I could go on until nauseam. The vast majority of ALL Ubuntu Donations collected, for the entire year of 2016, where spent on Stone Circle Bistro(his private property) and his Private House.
The remainder of the World’s Donations to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement were consumed by Michael Tellinger, in his personally capacity, with the funds being used to pay for his 4 – 5 Star accommodation and various other Luxuries. He has already spent thousands of Rands at Woolworths(just in January 2017) this month and it is only the 13th today of the month. While the local people suffer and go to bed hungry this fat old white jerk(who was not even born in South Afrika) is “Eating The Money!” Fat old white foreign jerks have been stealing from Afrika for years so this is nothing new. However, these monies are being collected under false pretenses and the MONIES ARE NOT GOING TO CHARITY! They are being consumed by his ego-driven, greed and lust fueled appetite for self-aggrandizement. This is a Cult and it is a Crime. I still live in Waterval Boven and I still feed the children here at my gate. They come here because for a about a year I was the one funding the Soup Kitchens (which Michael Tellinger cancelled after the elections, August 3rd – 4th. Why? Unless feeding people was never the goal here). I also personally sponsored various other charities.
If You would like to help Stop The Crime, then please feel free to contact me. Mr. Tellinger is being sponsored to go around the world telling people how to live, while he acts like one of the people that he speaks out against. There is more, much more, all of which I have ALL the evidence, the excel spreadsheets, the accounting and the eye-witness reports. Ubuntu is not Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Please help to stop Mr. Tellinger’s crimes and abuse of Ubuntu Funds and Donations meant for Waterval Boven’s Upliftment Projects. If You would like to speak my number is +27-83-226-8660, mailing address is P.O. Box 333, Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, South Afrika. Thank-You, for this Opportunity to Be of Service. Love and Light!! GodBless The Journeyil
Yours In Faith,
Greg Scott
30 August 2016

Attention: Michal Julius Tellinger

Dear Michal,


With immediate effect, I hereby resign from my position as Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO.

My reasons, for the record, are as follows:
1. Since the registration of Ubuntu Planet NPC on the 24th July 2015, despite your agreement to then, and constant verbal and written requests since by myself and third Director Lesanne Brooke, you have failed to make time to meet and discuss or provide the basics required for due diligence by the Companies Act and Kings III/IV (which are guides to best practice for NPO directors and referred to as a base code for any legal or ethical claims stakeholders, donors, etc ) in terms of policy. At the least, these basics include annual audited financial statements (1st year is now overdue) and proof of Tax compliance. In addition, best practice requires that we meet at least 4 times a year and to date, again despite constant requests for such meetings, you have neglected to make time for such meetings or provide your fellow Directors any form of formal policy, strategy and budget, formal contracts for all Directors and staff members, written codes of conduct, minuted meetings, rules regarding conflicts of interest etc.
2. Since we have entered into a legal agreement, as a legal entity we are therefore obliged to act in ways that are consistent with our legal obligations. In addition, we have ethical obligations in managing other people’s money. Regardless of this, all links for donations and funding are directed into your personal paypal account, and so, neither myself as 50% Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO nor the third Director Lesanne Brooke have ever had access to information regarding funding coming in nor where it is being spent, and despite my concerns often communicated to you no effort to my knowledge has been made to set up a paypal account for the NPO, separate to your personal account and accessible to your fellow Directors.
3. Since the resignation of Lesanne Brooke as Director on the 31st October 2015 the validity of the NPO, which requires a minimum of 3 Directors, has been compromised. No effort to replace Lesanne has been made to date regardless of constant requests by both Lesanne and myself and in effect the Ubuntu Planet NPO has been invalid since the date of her resignation. Regardless of this, you have continued to request and receive funding under the guise of a valid Non Profit Organisation into your personal paypal account over the course of the past 10 months.
4. In spite of the fact that I am a 50% Director of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, and despite constant requests for meetings to discuss policy regarding the political activations and community development of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, you have consistently operated without communication with me or transparency about your plans. As a result, I have been kept in the dark about any and all decisions you have made to date, including Ubuntu Mobile, which I only became aware of 1 week before it’s launch.
5. Over the course of the past year, you have removed my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, social media pages and the database more than once, without explanation.
6. Since March 2016, I have requested the implementation of the community feature on the Ubuntu Planet website. This request has been consistently undermined with the result that I have been unable to initiate the numerous community development and other projects I have been activating, and upon my return from Australia this week, I was notified by our webmaster that the entire website is being restructured and rebuilt without my awareness or request for input.
7. Not only have I never been acknowledged as visionary of Ubuntu Planet, nor for my role in helping you build the Ubuntu Liberation Movement over the past 5 years, but I have consistently been prevented by you from having any influence in directing, developing or growing the Ubuntu Movement, regardless of my 50% partnership and Directorship in this movement with you.
8. It has come to my attention that the soup kitchen project, which you consistently promote as a drive for funding, has been personally paid for all along by Greg Scott, manager of Stone Circle since March 2016, which he is happy to account for.
9. Over the past year, I have been contacted by several people from Stone Circle concerned about the misappropriation of funds and lack of transparency on your part, particularly to do with the two vehicles you purchased in cash upon your return from Europe in May with the money you earned there from your Ubuntu presentations abroad, as well as allegations that funding coming in has been appropriated to the personal building project of your guest houses at Stone Circle. I am constantly being asked about the free energy devices which have been purchased, built or funded by our donating members over the past 2 years that have to date never materialized. I have received complaints from your staff members at Stone Circle about not being paid their salaries, and that in the past 5 months no less than R90 000 has been personally invested by Greg Scott in the running of the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village, Ubuntu sporting events in Waterval Boven and the feeding program for Ubuntu volunteers, all projects for which you publically request funding for. Again, Greg is happy to account for this money spent. Unfounded or not, the question of your integrity has been a consistent theme over the time I have known you, and I too have to wonder now, due to your deliberate lack of transparency with me, the removal of my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, Ubuntu Planet and Ubuntu Party Facebook pages and the Ubuntu database, as well as your consistent refusal to discuss these matters with me over the past 6 months, whether there is truth in at least some of these allegations.

Please begin this resignation process with SITO and sign/supply all the relevant necessary paperwork immediately. I also request that my name be removed from all documentation (including the banks, any contracts to date and all websites).

If I do not hear from you within seven days of the date of this letter, I will take it that this is in process and await the paperwork for my signature.

I am emailing you this copy and will send a further copy by registered post for your records.

Louise Clarke (former partner of Michael Tellinger since 2010)

For more on Michael Tellinger, and his many years as a scammer and fraud, please follow the trail of evidence collected since 2010, by South African Independent Investigative Journalist Mel Ve.
Global Initiative Review: UBUNTU –

SERPENT WORSHIP IN SOUTHERN AFRICA – Historians are generally divided about the true history of Southern Africa. There is much historical evidence to suggest that advanced civilisations inhabited Southern Africa from around 250 000 years ago, which pre-dates any known civilisation on Earth. In fact much controversy surrounds these ancient discoveries, as official mainstream history taught in schools and universities, does not account for mining or industrial civilisations existing until around 12 000 years ago. However, there is an overwhelming and undeniable amount of evidence to be found indicating that history as we have been taught, is in fact completely false. There have been many ancient ruins and artefacts found which indicates that various mining community lived and thrived in Southern Africa long before any recorded civilisations are known to have existed.

Aerial picture of an ancient gold mine in southern Africa
Aerial picture of an ancient gold mine in southern Africa


Aerial picture of Ancient ruins of a 250 000 year old lost city in South Africa
Tsodilo Hills in Northwestern Botswana
Tsodilo Hills in Northwestern Botswana
Serpent Cave in Tsodilo Hills, Botswana, Southern Africa
Serpent Cave in Tsodilo Hills, Botswana, Southern Africa

One of the more interesting parts of Southern Africa, is an area in nornwestern Botswana, which forms part of the Okavango, a magnificent part of Africa to visit.  This is where you will find the Tsodilo Hills and the oldest ritual worship site ever found, some estimates at 70 000 years.  A very interesting feature of the Tsodilo Hills is the vast amount of ancient artwork found there. There are over 4 500 rock paintings at the site, some dating back over 25 000 years, making this one of the densest collections of ancient rock art to have been found, and possibly the oldest artworks ever discovered.

The ancient San peoples who inhabited the area, reference the Tsodilo Hills as the “Mountain of the Gods”, and it is the only uplifted hill like area for over a 100 kilometres in all directions.  These hills are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the local San peoples of the Kalahari, who believe Tsodilo is the birthplace of all life, and that mankind was descended from the serpent, and it was the descendants of the first people who created the rock art found there.   The association of serpent deities with the creation myth, or our beginnings, is a constantly reoccuring theme across many different cultures.  As is the case with most churches, temples and other sacred places of worship, the San believe that the Tsodilo Hills are a resting place for spirits of the deceased, and that these spirits will cause misfortune and bad luck if anyone hunts or causes death near the hills.  This place if revered and treated with the respect given to sacred ground.

The paper / report  of analysis of the excavation conducted by Professor Sheila Coulson of the University of Oslo, gives one an in depth scientific data about the site.


There is clear and distinct evidence of ritual activity at the site, which is inextricably linked with serpent worship. Evidence of rituals and sacrifices to serpent gods / deities is prevalent in many cultures across the world.  Ritual and the worship of gods / deities, and the making of offerings or sacrifices to the gods in ritual ceremonies, is the very root of all cult ritualism, and the origins of paganism, religion and CULTure. Ophiolatry is the practice of worshipping serpent gods / deities, and is the root belief system / religion, from which all other religions have evolved, thus making the Serpent Cave the oldest evidence of Ophiolatry / serpent deity worship.

The Biblical book of REVELATIONS 12:9, identifies the serpent as the great dragon:

“The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him”      

Evidence of serpent worship ritual sites and temples are scattered all over the ancient world, but the Tsodilo Hills Serpent Cave is the oldest such site that has ever been found.  Here are a few examples of serpent worship temples scattered across the world and across all major religions.           

Serpents were carved into pillars of the 11 000 year old temple ruin in Turkey known as Gobekli Tepe


Serpents on the remains of an ancient temple complex in Chichen Itsa, Mexico


Serpents depicted on an ancient Egyptian temple


Serpents are depicted on the Naga stones of the Bull Temple in Bangalore


Buddhism is a religion rooted in Ophiolatry, as indicated by the prevalence of serpents often accompanying Buddhist shines and statues


Snake stones found in Hindu Temples


A bronze sculpture of a serpent in the Basilica of Saint Ambrogio in Milan, Italy.

The discovery of the Serpent Cave brings into light the long-standing Kalahari Debate about the origins of the San people, who are a relatively small group of people whose communities are scattered throughout the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. They are well known for practicing a hunter / gatherer subsistence strategy of existence, such as foraging for food, as well as hurding cattle, whilst maintaining a very nomadic and adaptable way of life, even in the face of changing external circumstances.  The San are thought to be the original inhabitants of southern Africa, and are thought to have been the only ethnic African group to have migrated or travelled south of the Kalahari Desert by the time the Dutch East India Company arrived in 1652.

There were no native African tribes settled on the land in that became the Cape Colony.  The San only began practices of farming in the 1970s, and it is claimed by traditional anthropologists, archaeologists and historians, that the San were isolationist, and not part of the greater Kalahari / African economy or culture.  This however is not true.

The discovery of the Serpent Cave proves this, and presents a totally different picture of a culture of people who existed long ago, and who worshiped serpent deities, even performing rituals in honour of the serpent gods. The practice of worship of or attribution of divine or sacred nature to serpents, simply referenced as Ophiolatry, is a practice that can be found all over the world, including China, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Americas, North, Central and South.

According to Manly Palmer Hall, even the priests of what was Atlantis, practiced the worship of the golden serpent. From this it can be deduced that the San had not always been an isolated ethnographic group, rather they were a dispossessed and marginalized people, most likely as a result of war between ancient African Kingdoms and tribes further north, taking refuge in the tough desert terrain in order to avoid or escape from bad circumstances or hostile people.

Those that created the Serpent Cave, which is a site of ritual worship, did so in order to administer or adhere to a belief system / religion, that can be traced across the world, and across many different ethnographic groups in history. And thus it can be conclusively deduced that no matter how remote and isolated the existence and culture of the Kalahari San (commonly referenced as “Bushmen”) may seem, the Serpent Cave is clear evidence linking the ancient San people to an ancient serpent worshipping cultures, who’s influence has spread across the world, clearly influencing the Kalahari San people from as far back as 70 000 years ago.

Ophiolatry continues to this very day, masked beneath various symbolic allegories. Many of our modern day cultural practices, such as religion, sport, music, theatre and art, are all rooted in ritual practices that originate with Ophiolatry, whilst having evolved into cultural pastimes, without our knowledge of their origins or occult ritual significance.

To learn more about Ophiolatry / serpent worship, and the associated symbols and rituals, please check out DRAGONOLOGY.

The truth is out there.  Keep searching

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve






OCCULT SYMBOLISM of FREEMASON sculptor ANTON ANREITH – Freemasonry is as old as Cape Town itself, and indeed, de Goede Hoop Lodge was designed by Freemason architect Louis Michel Thibault, built by Freemason Hermann Schutte, and decorated with sculptures and reliefs by Freemason Anton Anreith.

Anton Anreith was known as South Africa’s first sculptor, originating from Germany, he is known for numerous sculptural embellishments that adorn buildings in the Cape region of South Africa.

Like most secret societies, Freemasons are endowed with the secret language of symbology, which becomes evident when we examine the sculptures and reliefs of Freemason Anton Anreith, which give clear indication as to his occult knowledge as a highly initiated Freemason.

There are certain very distinctive themes which are symbolically hidden in the works of initiated artists and sculptors, and which turn up over and over again, which is an indication of the symbolic significance of these themes.

The themes of RAPE, particularly DIVINE RAPE, as well as PEDERASY / PEDOPHILIA, are common in masterpieces of the past, and this is no accident, as these themes have deep occult ritual significance.

One of the most famous and detailed sculptural embellishments by Anton Anreith is depicted on the pediment gable of the Cloete Cellar at Groot Constantia, a historic wine estate in the Cape.

Cloete Cellar at Groot Constantia, Cape Town

Many tourists and visitors have admired the historic work of Anton Anreith that adorn the wine cellar of Groot Constantia, but most do not really comprehend the sinister undertone, or the allegory that is hidden by symbolic expression.

The most common version of the Greek myth regarding Ganymede, details that he was the most beautiful of all the mortals, and so Zeus abducted him and took him to Olympus, where Ganymede was to serve as Zeus’s cup bearer / sex slave.

Close up of the pediment gable of the Cloete Cellar, with a relief by Anton Anreith depicting the Rape of Ganymede


In the many artworks and sculptures depicting the Abduction and Rape of Ganymede, Zeus is commonly depicted in his theriocephalian aspect as an Eagle.  The ability to change form from one creature to another, is a power commonly referenced in many mythologies as being an attribute of the gods.

The symbol of the Eagle turns up in many different places, but is ultimately always a reference to the Greek God Zeus, who is also Jupiter under his Roman aspect.

The Rape of Granymede by Rembrant
The Rape of Granymede by Rembrant

The Rembrant painting depicting The Rape of Ganymede clearly shows that Zeus is represented as an Eagle, and Ganymede is depicted as an infant.  This is rather disturbing when we realise that this painting in effect propagates pedophilia toward an infant.

Acts of sodomy and pedophilia are considered sacred rituals in honour of Zeus.

Cases of sexual abuse of children by members of Roman Catholic orders, have lead to many investigations and exposes.  The scale and prevalence of this abuse is so vast that it is no longer a hidden secret.  In fact, there is a Roman Catholic Church law called  Crimens Sollicitationis which orders the covering up of all child sex crimes by members of the clergy, with the threat of being excommunicated for non-compliance.

Zeus and Granymede by Francesco Albani
Zeus and Granymede by Francesco Albani

What most people do not realise is that engaging in sexual activity with a child is part of the ritual tradition behind the core root religion of Ophiolatry, which is the root religion from which all other religions have evolved.  It is part of the ritual tradition of occult secret societies, and often forms part of their initiation rituals.

Historically, pederasty has existed as a variety of customs and practices within different cultures.  The status of pederasty has changed over the course of history, at times considered an ideal and at other times a crime.

Ancient Greek pottery depicting Zeus sodomizing Granymede

Within occult secret societies, sexual abuse and sacrifice of children is a common practice, and is considered to be necessary and central to the ritual practices of occult secret society initiates, and indeed, the priestly class of modern day Roman Catholicism.

Jupiter Rapes Olympia
Jupiter Rapes Olympia – notice the Eagle, which is the symbolic counter part of Zeus / Jupiter / St. Peter

The theme of RAPE, particularly the theme of DIVINE RAPE, being rape by a god / gods,  is continuous throughout mythology, and is a popular subject for occult society initiated artists.  The deeper allegory of this indicates the interbreeding between gods and humans, which is discussed in the Genesis 6 verse 4:

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them.  Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

Leda and the Swan by Francois Boucher
Leda and the Swan by Francois Boucher

The Rape of Leda is a common theme of of many artworks, and feature Zeus / Jupiter again taking on the form of a bird, which is a common theme for shape shifting gods.  The Egyptian Sun God Horus for example, takes on the form of a peregrin falcon.  The Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove.  In the story pertaining to Rape of Leda, the god Zeus / Jupiter, takes on the form of a SWAN.  Much like Zeus takes the form of an EAGLE and rapes the youth Ganymede, so to does the Zeus take on the form of the SWAN, and rapes Leda.

Leda and the Swan by Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller
Leda and the Swan by Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller

Leonardo da Vinci was known to be an initiated member of the Priory of Sion, endowed with occult knowledge and the understanding of symbolism.  This was skilfully depicted in many of da Vinci’s artworks.  Indeed, many have tried to copy the da Vinci original of Leda and the Swan, which rather interestingly depicts the offspring of Leda and the Swan, being little babies hatching from eggs.

Leda and the Swan - 16th century copy of the Leonardo da Vinci original
Leda and the Swan – 16th century copy of the Leonardo da Vinci original.  Notice babies hatching from eggs


The symbolic allegory pertaining to the EAGLE and a the SWAN are of a similar origin, alluding to Zeus / Jupiter, and the use of EAGLES and SWANS in symbolic allegory, turns up in some rather interesting places.

Lutheran Church pulpit by Anton Anreith
Lutheran Church pulpit by Anton Anreith

It is interesting to note that there is a SWAN that has been included as part of the embellishment crowning the pulpit of the Lutheran church in Cape Town, the vary same pulpit that was carved by Freemason Anton Anreith.

Martin Melck house in Strand Street, Cape Town
Martin Melck house in Strand Street, Cape Town

This pulpit was commissioned by wealthy Lutheran Martin Melck, who also commissioned Anton Anreith to create the sculptural embellishments that adorn Martin Melck’s house in present day Strand Street in Cape Town.

Close up of pediment on Martin Melck's house, depicting a SWAN
Close up of pediment on Martin Melck’s house, depicting a SWAN

A close up  look at the central feature of the relief on the pediment of Martin Melck House, will reveal the presence of a SWAN.  The SWAN is symbolic of Zeus / Jupiter, and inextricably linked with the story which links Zeus / Jupiter to the rape of Leda.

Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus by Peter Paul Rubens

Zeus / Jupiter goes on to rape several more times according to mythology, including the goddess after whom the the continent on which I now live, is named, being Europa.

Rape is a common topic in history and mythology.  A list of notable victims of rape from history and mythology includes:.

  • Leda from Greek mythology, raped by Zeus in the form of a swan.
  • Cassandra from Greek mythology; raped by Ajax the Lesser
  • Chrysippus from Greek mythology; raped by his tutor Laius
  • Antiope from Greek mythology; raped by Zeus
  • Persephone from Greek mythology; raped by Hades. This is traditionally referred to as the Rape of Persephone. Roman mythology refers to it as the Rape of Prosperina.
  • Dinah from the Hebrew Bible; raped by a Canaanite prince and avenged by her brothers
  • Lucretia from Roman legend/history; raped by a prince, Sextus Tarquinius.
  • Medusa from Greek mythology; raped by Poseidon
  • Philomela from Greek and Roman mythology; raped by her brother in law
  • Rindr from Norse mythology, raped by Odin in Saxo Grammaticus‘ version of the engendering of Baldr‘s avenger
  • Rogneda of Polotsk from Belarus/Scandinavian history; raped by Vladimir, half-brother of her betrothed Yaropolk I of Kiev, in the presence of her parents (10th century)
  • The Sabine women; raped by the founders of Rome according to its legendary history
  • Tamar from the Hebrew Bible; raped by her half-brother Amnon.
  • The daughters of Leucippus, Phoebe and Hilaeira, were abducted, raped and later married by Castor and Pollux. In return, Idas and Lynceus, nephews of Leucippus and rival suitors, killed Castor.
  • Agnes of Rome, was a young girl of around 12 or 13 years of age, who consecrated her virginity to Christ, and was dragged to a brothel to be raped, in a bid to make her recant her Christian faith. Instead, many of the men who tried to molest her ended up being inflicted with blindness or even died.
  • Hera was raped by her brother Zeus, she then married him to cover her shame

The theme of RAPE is often not condemned in mythologies of the past, and is in fact revered through ritual celebration which invokes the use of symbolic allegory to mask the true form and function of the perpetrators of the rape, the act of rape, and the rituals that relate to this.  Acts of RAPE are largely performed as part of ritual to commemorate the interbreeding between the gods and humans, which spawned the royal / angelic / dragon bloodlines which rule humanity to this very day

The Rape of Europa by Jean Cousin the Elder
The Rape of Europa by Jean Cousin the Elder

The theme of RAPE is constant throughout the artworks of grandmasters, who were by and large, all initiated into occult secret societies, which is why so many of the grand masters of the past, convey occult symbolism and their related themes, such as RAPE and PEDOPHILIA, in their artworks.

 Rape of Persephone by Gian Lorenzo Bernini 1625
Rape of Persephone by Gian Lorenzo Bernini 1625

When acts of rape are so traumatic, it seems rather in bad taste for these scenes of brutality to be constantly reinterpreted in artworks, and one would not be amiss in asking, why the almost perverted obsession by these artists and sculptors, in conveying such a dark and brutal theme.  It is only when one grasps the full extent of the symbolic allegory and ritual significance of these acts, will one begin to grasp the reasoning behind the prevalence of such artworks.

In all places where the Roman Cult / Jesuits / Knights / Freemasons, have been, the spread their symbolism to mark their territory, and to let those who are initiated, and who understand the symbolism, know that the Hidden Hand behind world affairs, is alive and operating, even in South Africa.

To learn more about the occult language of symbolism, check out DRAGONOLOGY.

Although the truth about the nature of our reality may be hard to face sometimes, it is important that we do not remain ignorant of the true nature of the dark forces that manipulate South Africa from behind the scenes.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


FREEMASONS IN SOUTH AFRICA – Like the rest of the world, a shadow government controls South Africa, consisting of a network of secret societies, the most known and most visible being the Freemasons. It is a matter of public record in South Africa’s history, that many South African leaders were Freemasons. This list includes General Louis Botha, Piet Retief, General Jan Smuts, Cecil John Rhodes, Sir George Grey, Sir Herbert Baker, Ernest and Harry Oppenheimer, Nelson Mandela, but to name a few.

The Freemasons are thought to have originated from disbanded Knights of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, otherwise known as the Knights Templar. Initiated stone masons were taught the secrets of symbolism and sacred geometry, only reserved for initiated members of knight orders and occult societies. These symbols and secrets were built into the stone masonry of temples, churches and other places of significance. There are many chapters and sects within Freemasonry, which all vary slightly, but ultimately they all follow the same doctrines and dogmas.

Famous Freemasons include Winston Churchill, George Washington, Franklin D Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Douglas MacArthur, King George VI, and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Masonic sportsmen have included baseball legend Babe Ruth, golfer Arnold Palmer, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. Actors Clark Gable and John Wayne were Freemasons. Composers Beethoven and Mozart were Freemasons. Writers Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde were Freemasons. Modern day music industry artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z are Freemasons.

The symbols of the Freemasonry

Many South Africans have no idea about the secret society in Parliament Precinct, being the De Goedehoop Masonic Lodge, which was built in 1772. Cape Freemasons proudly proclaim that Freemasonry in the Cape is as old as Cape Town itself. The Mother Lodge, de Goede Hoop is the oldest active lodge in the Southern Hemisphere. Many governments have risen and fallen, but the lodge remains constant in the precincts of Parliament in Cape Town. In fact, the Goedehoop Temple was built long before Parliament. The Freemasons sold the land on which Parliament now stands, to the Government for one pound, on the condition that if Parliament should move, the land had to be sold back to the Freemasons for the same price. If Parliament were to move from Cape Town to Johannesburg for example, the Freemasons would have the right own the land where Parliament is currently situated. Every single Masonic Lodge now operating in South Africa can trace its roots back to de Goede Hoop.

Front entrance to de Goede Hoop Lodge in Cape Town

The Temple of the Lodge de Goede Hoop in Bouquet Street, Cape Town, stands in its own grounds, some few meters to the left of Tuynhuys, the President of South Africa’s chambers, providing easy access to de Goede Hoop Lodge for past Prime Minsters / Presidents, most of whom have been Freemasons. Nelson Mandela was himself a 33rd Degree Freemason. The whole complex, even including the huge tree alongside the fountain, has been declared a National Monument. Interestingly enough, part of the grounds lies on St. John’s Street, which is absolutely no co-incidence, as the Knights and Freemasons are inextricably linked, as they are both controlled by the Jesuits.  Nelson Mandela was both a 33rd Degree Freemason, as well as going a Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Inside de Goede Hoop Lodge in Cape Town

The actual Temple building is long and narrow, being based on the exact dimensions of the inner sanctum of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

The Temple of the Lodge de Goede Hoop is approached through a massive arch, which was designed by Architect Louis Michel Thibault, and built by Hermann Schutte, both of whom were Freemasons. Anton Anreith, who as a Freemason, was endowed with occult knowledge of symbolism, a fact that is evident in his sculptural embellishments which adorn this lodge and many other historical buildings in the Cape.

Silence by Anton Anreith

Anton Anreith’s sculptures and reliefs tended towards mythological figures, themes and symbols, which are commonly used by the occult to mask deeper hidden allegories.  Of particular significance is the sculpture of the personification of Silence, indicative of the vow of secrecy sworn by Freemasons.  One of the greatest secrets of the Freemasons is that Luciferian occultism controls Freemasonry, as indicated by the presence of an owl sculpted into Anton Anreith’s sculpture of Silence.

200 foot stone owl at Bohemian Grove

There is a 200 foot stone statue of an owl which forms the focal point of the ritual area of Bohemian Grove, which is a super elite holiday retreat for occultists, where human sacrifice and many other rituals are performed.

Ishtar and owls


The owl turns up in various other interesting places, including in reliefs from ancient Babylon, depicting the Mother Goddess Ishtar, complete with wings and claws, and flanked by owls.  The owl as a symbolic allegory of the occult, is a multilayered symbolic construct masking the root origin of Ophiolatry, the occult religion preserved in secret societies such as Freemasonry.

Freemasonic Eagle
Freemasonic Eagle

The use of occult and Freemasonic symbolism is evident in numerous places in South Africa, such as on the South African coat of arms, which is bears some similarity to the stylised Freemasonic Eagle.  This in turn is taken from the Roman Cult’s Eagle, which even has a depiction of Jesus on the cross.  Both the Masonic Eagle and the Roman Cult Eagle bear the hidden code of INRI

Roman Cult Eagle

The Code of INRI is revealed in the Extreme oath of the Jesuits.  It is an acronym for the Latin words IUSTUM NECAR REGES IMPIOUS, which translates into:  It is just or exterminate / annihilate impious / heretical kings / governments / rulers.


South Africa coat of arms

The Eagle is also a symbol of the Greek god Zeus, who became Jupiter under the Romans, and further evolved into Saint Peter, the patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church, when Roman Pantheism was converted to Roman Monotheism after the Councile of Nicea in 333 AD.

Symbolic depictions of Zeus are prevailent in the sculptures of Freemason Anton Anreith, who was responsible for the sculptural embellishments of de Goede Hoop Lodge.

To learn more about occult symbolism, please check out DRAGONOLOGY.


It is time to learn the truth about the dire state of affair in South Africa, and who the real puppet masters are behind the scenes.

Check out the follow up article detailing ANTON ANREITH’S use of symbolism in his sculpture.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

CHARLIZE THERON: Agent of the Dark Agenda – As one of the most beautiful, talented and versatile actresses in Hollywood, South African Charlize Theron is adored in her home country as an icon.  Charlize has an interesting history, and has starred in some amazing film offerings.  Please find her Wikipedia listing for her biographical details –

What most South African’s do not know is that as an Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron is an agent of the Dark Agenda, controlled by the Military Industrial Complex, which controls Hollywood, which is nothing more than an industry dedicated to the creation of propaganda and mind control fodder to reinforce the Dark Agenda which is ultimately the total annihilation of humanity as we know it.

If you are unsure of what the Dark Agenda and how it relates to South Africa, please feel free to read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY – book I – Light & Dark. Link to FREE eBook –

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars are in fact products of Project Monarch, and are totally owned and controlled by dark and malevolent forces, and are used as puppets to push the Dark Agenda.

Deal with the Devil
Deal with the Devil

Indeed, many have had to sell their soul to the dark demonic forces that control the entertainment industry, in order to acquire their fame and fortune. These famous icons are used to push programming and subliminal messaging through mainstream media in order to mind control and manipulate public perception.

Those that begin in the industry young, are often subjected to being sexually abused in order to reinforce programs of control. Pedophilia in Hollywood has always been an “open secret”, and many young Hollywood stars who have grown up, are now speaking out about the abuse they received for the lure of fame and success. Please read my article entitled AN OPEN SECRET – Hollywood Pedophiles Exposed –

Often when young actresses break into the “big time”, they will make a film, which eludes to their Satanic covenant. Charlize Theron’s break through role came opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, which features a scene of a seemingly demonically possessed and self-mutilated Charlize, naked in a church.

Charlize Theron possessed by the devil in THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE
Charlize Theron possessed by the devil in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE

Other interesting films that indicate Charlize Theron’s dark allegiances become evident when we look at the symbolism and storyline of films such as AEON FLUX, which described a society in the future not unlike what the result of the technocratic agenda that we now see rolling out. AEON FLUX has a distinct Orwellian / Brave New World feel about it, but most tellingly, the symbol of the ALL SEEING EYE is uses as the logo for this film.

Artwork image from the film AEON FLUX with Charlize Theron
Artwork image from the film AEON FLUX with Charlize Theron

Other South African entertainment industry artists who are featured with the ALL SEEING EYE include the music duo DIE ANTWOORD – link to article

Millions of people idolise Charlize Theron, who is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, but what many do not take into account, is that she does nothing to bring awareness to the genocide of her very own people in South Africa, and this is rather sad considering that Charlize Theron is descended from the Huguenots, a group of people who were forced to flee Europe to escape the same dark forces that are causing all the mayhem and suffering now, being the Black Nobility / Jesuits / Vatican.  Even more astounding is that Charlize Theron’s great-great uncle was Danie Theron, Boer Army militia leader who fought for the freedom of the Boers and for South African against the invading British forces during the Anglo-Boer wars.  Having grown up on a farm, one would hope that Charlize Theron would stand up as a spokes person for the ongoing genocide of the farmers / Boers in South Africa.

Oscar for Best Actress in 2004
Oscar for Best Actress in 2004

The reason why Charlize Theron does not, is because, as an asset of Hollywood / Military Industrial Complex / Vatican, she is complicit in the Global Conspiracy and the Dark Agenda, which includes the plan to wipe out the white races in South Africa.  This is especially evident when one takes into consideration that Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning actress. The Oscar is nothing more than a Knighthood, as the Oscar statuette is shaped like an art deco sculpted knight holding a sword, meaning she is puppet / agent of the controlling powers who control Hollywood.  The Oscar is their seal of approval.

Charlize Theron claims to be using her fame to for good with her foundation which is connected to the United Nations, and is supposed to be involved in helping to prevent AIDS.  Link to Charlize’s foundation –

For those who have read my book, THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, you will be well aware that the United Nations is not on the side of humanity, and are very heavily involved in the various destructive agendas that is causing so much suffering.  Furthermore, AIDs as we have been taught to understand it, is a complete farce. Please watch the documentary film HOUSE OF NUMBERS to get a fuller understanding about the true story behind HIV / AIDS

And thus the question beckons, is Charlize really using her foundation for good?

Or is she like so many other Hollywood stars, a puppet of the Dark Agenda?


One need only look at who Charlize Theron’s humanitarian foundations donates money to, in order to establish just where her loyalties lie, having been the biggest private donor to the African National Congress at one point, according to main stream media sources.  The African National Congress has publicly called for the killing of white people in South Africa.

To Charlize, should you ever read this… do not forsake your people.  Remember who you are and were you came from.  Remember the struggles your ancestors went through at the hands of the evil forces you now serve. It is never too late to do the right thing and stand up for your people.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




CULTural GENOCIDE – For the last month or so I have been watching from a distance as I witness an onslaught of total CULTural genocide has gone into effect in full force in my beloved home country of South Africa.   Slowly but surely the CULTures and traditions of South Africa is being chipped way bit by bit.

The first example of this is the banning or several South African sporting federations from bidding for major international sports tournaments by the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula, this includes participation and hosting of international sports events.  This draconian measure was enforced upon the South African sporting world effecting Ruby, Cricket, Netball and Athletics after recent reports said that the various sports governing bodies had failed to meet the equality of opportunity targets, which is based on colour and not sporting skills.


The second major incursion into South Africa’s CULTural heritage is the removal of freedoms from radio DJs to select music for listenership with new laws dictating that 90% of music has to be of “local” origin.  There are plans to make similar incursions into the world of television broadcasting, with at least 90% of media being of local origins.  Although this could potentially be beneficial for the development of the media industry in South Africa, by encouraging more local production to fill demand, the thing that bothers me is that it is a measure being implemented by force, and thus will most likely be used as a method of creating mind controlling music and TV propaganda designed to manipulate the perceptions of people.  With such a stronghold over the media, the government has the power to propagandise any aspect or agenda they deem necessary.


Pietermaritzburg famous old Victorian station burnt down by "service delivery protesters". They feel nothing for heritage!
Pietermaritzburg famous old Victorian station burnt down by “service delivery protesters”. They feel nothing for heritage!

The third aspect of CULTural genocide that is rampant at the moment, is the ongoing destruction of historical monuments and structures in South Africa.  From statues to buildings, they just cant seem to get enough of destruction and mayhem.  I was saddened to see this image pop up on Facebook, of a place I knew well as a child, being the old Victorian Station in Pietermaritzburg, set ablaze by people protesting the lack of service delivery… well it is not going to get any better if you burn everything down!  The stupidity of these unnecessarily violent measured in protest is really counter productive to the cause they are supposedly protesting.

It breaks my heart to see my beautiful home country going up in flames.  I truly do long for a day when we can all just share the abundance of this planet and work together to fix the problems, instead of acting out in violent destruction, resulting in the loss of our CULTural heritage.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



Preserving Diversity in a Global Village – With all the strife an chaos going on at the moment, often we forget to appreciate the beautiful and diverse nature of our planet.  Having grown up in South Africa, I have come to love all races, as well as enjoy many different CULTures though my travels.  Learning the way different people live and express their lives has given me a broader perspective than most, as well as a tolerance and acceptance of that which may be different to what we have come to know.

Having many times expressed my concerns about the CULTural genocide, as well as having taken legal action in the form of applications to the International Criminal Court here in The Hague for the genocide of my people, the Boers, which is happening in South Africa, I felt it was necessary to give some clarity on certain issues which are being ceased upon in order to stir up hatred and separation in the world of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, especially since there seem to be confusion on the part of many people as to where I stand on certain very important issues.

Firstly, I have been accused by my black friends on Facebook, of being a white racist who wants to see the black man live under the rule of the white man.  How this conclusion was reached is beyond me, as I have never ever expressed this as my desire or wish.  I love my black friends.  I love my Muslim friends.  I love my gay friends.   I am a lover not a hater.  I do not hate people indiscriminately based on superficial matters such as race, religion or even sexual orientation.  I have no issue with people’s colour or personal choices in life, so long as they do not try to impose their choices upon me, and respect me, my being and my choices, just as I respect theirs.

Ultimately, I have always intended for my work to bring understanding to the confusing level of reality that we live in.  My work has never been intended for causing separation and division between races and religions.  What I have discovered through the course of my research is that much of the facts about our past has been manipulated in order to manipulate public perception.  Having spent much time digging into the darkness our the history of South Africa, I have exposed just how APARTHEID was used as a very clever political manipulation tool, as well as explaining the true origins or APARTHEID being SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT, which was put in place to preserve the CULTural heritage of the BANTU peoples of South Africa.  Of course this has brought me much criticism from my black friends who have wrongly labelled me a s a racist, as they are so brainwashed with the manipulated meaning of the world APARTHEID, which they have been indoctrinated to believe, was the problem to begin with.  Well that is not true.  The truth about APARTHEID is that it was created as a means of preserving the CULTural heritage of the BANTU people, rather than being a system of domination and suppression.

CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES is a show broadcast on Conscious Consumer Network - - check out the FREE & easy to use new social media platform
CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES is a show broadcast on Conscious Consumer Network – – check out the FREE & easy to use new social media platform

The other end of the coin which is rather comical on many levels, is that I have now been targeted by WHITE SUPREMACIST groups who are all trying to recruit me into their Neo-Nazi ghettos.  I was contacted by one very disturbed BLACK, JEW and GAY hating girl called Sinead McCarthy, who asked me for an interview.  I had no idea of who she was or what her agenda was when she interviewed me, or I would not have agreed to the interview, but within a few moments of we began our interview on Monday 30 May 2016, I knew this girl had an agenda, and clearly she wanted me to be in on it, and mocked and scorned me for NOT hating blacks or jews.  The interview was posted on Renegade Radio, and all I can say is WOW, what a sad bunch of nasty haters the Renegade Radio CULT followers  are.  Having observed their behaviour, it is interesting to note just how these HATERS fan and fuel each other’s hatred through their participation on the Renegade Radio forum.  I tried to post some responses on their forum, but they were all deleted, which shows me that Renegade Radio does not provide a platform for FREE SPEECH, rather it is geared towards a deliberate NEO NAZI AGENDA, by providing a platform for Neo Nazis.  When I tried to explain my evidence and my views on certain matters which contradicted her agenda, Sinead Mc Carthy just shouted over me as if she did not want my voice to be heard, and then proceeded to bash me verbally with statistics about how many whites were raped by Blacks, and just how bad Jews are, and so forth. I tried to leave the interview half way through, but was coaxed into staying on for an additional Jew and Black bashing, which she persisted in a relentless fashion.  Sinead acted most unprofessionally by not stick to the list of pre agreed questions I asked her to send me, rather she solicited my time under false pretences in order to create more hate fodder for her sick followers.  After the last very anti Jew quote that she read me, and asked me to give an opinion on, I just left the interview, as I knew Sinead was only content if she either got me to agree with her, or she was going to try set me up to mock and taunt me.  I knew at that stage what a little monster this white racist bitch was, and I was not going to give her any more of my time in order for her to try to create some sick platform of pseudo fame for herself based on a racist and anti semitic agenda.  I wanted no part of it, and thus I left the interview, and indeed I was mocked by Sinead for it.

Link to interview:

After the “interview”, which was more like a racist rant than an attempt to acquire my information, I got an email from Neo Nazi Sinead, calling me a TRAITOR, because I would not sink to the level of hating blacks and jews.   I am proud of that, and if Sinead or any of her followers think that I am a bad person for not being a racist hater, then it only goes to show just how dark and low these ignorant people are in terms of their morals and judgement. Further comments from Sinead on Conscious Consumer Network’s channel have included accusing me of being complicit in WHITE GENOCIDE… And here is where the schism in Sinead’s fucked up little head becomes obvious, because I am the only person who has brought a case to the International Criminal Courts for White Genocide.  I have always campaigned about the genocide of my people in South Africa.  But that being said, I am not ignorant to the Black Genocide that is also via the administering of vaccines which are responsible for causing AIDs related illness.  No, HIV did not come from monkeys.  It is a provable patented disease registered under the US Patent number  4647773 by Dr. Mercola, the man who created it, and it was spread through the black and gay populations by genocidal racists and homophobes, all of the same ilk as Sinead Mc Carthy.  When I tried to point this out to Sinead, I was shut down with more of her loud shouting and hatred.

Please feel free to read my book for more details about this in the below article and my book

Please help yourself to a FREE eBook of my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY – book I – Light & Dark.  (link below)

In hindsight, it has become very obvious that Sinead is involved in clear COINTELPRO provocateur tactics, which are used by Intelligence Agents to cause division and conflict.  Sorry but it wont work with me.  I wont be sucked into anybody’s destructive agendas, and I know a COINTELPRO operation when I see one.

To Sinead and her HATE CULT, you are NOT creating a better world with what you do.  Nothing coming from you has any benefit to the greater good.  Whether or not you are aware of this, the fact remains, you are being used as puppets of the DARK AGENDA to spout hatred and cause separation and conflict… but perhaps you know that already.  Perhaps you are the kind of people who enjoy doing that.  In which case, you will get the DARKNESS that you are creating.  You are not exempt from what comes next!

Please take some time to watch my latest episode of CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES, as well as the the episode entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA, where I address these matters with clear evidence and examples to explain the full dynamic of this complex situation.  (links below)

If anybody wants any further clarity on matters, please get in touch with me

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


Today I was tagged in a Facebook post which reminded me to write this piece that I have been meaning to write for several years now.  The offending post was a request to sign a petition asking the South African music (and I do use the word ‘music’ loosely) duo known as DIE ANTWOORD, fronted by Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja, to refrain from touring in Israel due to the treatment and genocide of Palestinians.  Although I am fully aware of what is going on in Israel, and have full sympathy for the oppression of the Palestinians at the hand of the corrupt murderous Israeli government, I personally have an issue with misguided efforts to create change.

Firstly, let me explain who DIE ANTWOORD are, and just how they are tied into the very people who at the very top are perpetrating much of the genocide and violence against the Palestinian people.


DIE ANTWOORD, which is an Afrikaans word for “The Answer”, are the most successful music act to come out of South Africa in the last decade, and that is a rather disturbing fact.  Being a South African living in Holland, I often have conversations with people from all over the world.  When they hear I am South African, inevitably DIE ANTWOORD comes up, as if it is the most known and recognised example of South African music.  This too is a disturbing fact.



Growing up in South Africa, and being a Performing Arts student, I was privileged to see for myself just how much REAL musical and performance talent South Africa has.  I always wondered why bands like JUST GINGER never really hit the big time internationally, despite a gallant effort in touring abroad.  When I left South Africa at the age of 23 to seek a media career in London, I came to know the dark side of the entertainment industry.  It became clear to me why some people made it big, and others did not.  Basically it comes down to one simple thing, and that has nothing to do with how talented you are.  If you want to make it big, you have to sell your soul to the devil… Although the concept of “selling one’s soul to the devil” is largely relegated to urban legend, folk lore and mythology, it is indeed a very real concept that has been in practice as far back as religion can be traced.  The simple fact is, if you want to make it big in the music industry, you have to sell you soul.  Please reference the well researched article on this matter posted on Vigilant Citizen

When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry

The dark forces who are behind the wars perpetuated for profit, the suffering perpetuated for profit, and the various globalisation and technocracy agendas that are currently being rolled out, are the same dark forces that control the music industry.  The only reason DIE ANTWOORD has made it so big, is because they themselves have tuned to the DARK SIDE.  Before I go on to illustrate this point, please view the music video for their song UGLY BOY, with cameo appearances from big stars and fellow Satanists, Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese, Jack Black and Cara Delevingne.

Just in case anybody was wondering just who DIE ANTWOORD hang out with, and just how famous they are, here is a video of Ninja on stage for a Halloween performance with Marilyn Manson and one Hollywood’s most talented actors, Johnny Depp, both well known confirmed Satanists.

There are so many interesting points of note here that I will illustrate them with some pictures.  Below is a picture of Ninja in a picture exactly the same as the picture beneath that, which is that of Aleister Crowley.  There are slight variations between the two pictures, such as the the book and All Seeing Eye in the hat.


Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

For those who do not know who ALEISTER CROWLEY is, please read this below very detailed article to get a full understanding of who he is and why it is so disturbing to find DIE ANTWOORD’S male lead, copying someone who was in his time, known as the “Wickedest man alive”.

Aleister Crowley: His Story, His Elite Ties and His Legacy

In order to further explore just how deep DIE ANTWOORD are in with the Satanic Cabal that control the music industry and create the wars of this world, one need only look at the various catch words, styling, images and symbols that they use.  For example, they love using the word ZEF or referring to ZEF SIDE.  The word ZEF is a reference to LUCIFER, also known as ZEPHER / ZEPHYR / ZEFER.  Much like the word LUCK / LUCKY short for LUCIFER, so is the word ZEF.



yoland heartyolandi 2




Having recently starred in the film CHAPPIE, which tells the story of Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism, it is of course no surprise to find images of Ninja and Yolandi which promote the Satanic TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA.


The butterfly is a symbol of a controlled artist who are mind controlled assets of the Military Industrial Complex / Intelligence Networks / Satanic Dark Agenda, and we can see here this picture below, which features Yolandi with Butterflies.


Below is a picture clearly showing Yolandi’s tattoo, which makes a very interesting revelation in the symbols used.  The face of the tattoo has butterflies around the head, and a TRIANGLE around the EYE, indicative of the All Seeing Eye symbol.


Examples of how the All Seeing Eye is shown…


jay_z-nwonelly furtardo all seeing eye

There are so many images online of DIE ANTWOORD, and all of them give a rather degenerate and evil feel to this rather fucked up music duo, who have amassed a massive following both internationally and in South Africa.  But it is very clear that these two have sold their souls for fame, because their success is most certainly not because of their stellar talent.  It really hurts that to the outside world, this is the most known representation of South African musical talent.  For those who follow anything these two degenerate retards do, please reconsider where you express your interests, or you may end up being sucked into the same darkness that controls DIE ANTWOORD, because clearly, they are not all lekker in the head ek se!

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




WHAT FREEDOM? Examining the hypocrisy of Freedom Day – Being a South African living in Holland, it is ever so interesting to note that Freedom Day in South Africa, also just happens to fall on the same day that the Dutch celebrate King’s Day.  Having been invited to a party last night in The Hague, most people were awash with orange attire and other symbolic expressions to celebrate the Royal Rulers of Holland, who live off tax payer money, and throw big pubic events to celebrate themselves as is the case with King’s Day, which is today, the same day as Freedom Day in South Africa, all at the taxpayers’ cost.  To thank the tax payer for funding their self aggrandisement, they declare this day a public holiday, and people get to go to all sorts of events paid for by their tax money, to get intoxicated on the booze that the Dutch Royal family own and sell to those who ignorantly revel in celebration of their masters, in effect, celebrating their servitude, whilst enriching those whom they serve.

For those who want to know more about the Dutch Royal family and their corrupt and damaging corporate interests, please note that they own Shell Oil, as well as electronics giant Philips.  In 2009 my team got to interview a gentleman named Ad Van Rooij, who was the former safety manager for Philips, and he made some startling revelations about how they dump toxins back into products instead of disposing of them, and them sell these products to us.  The stack of evidence this man had took up an entire room of storage, covered floor to ceiling in boxes of documents.

The interview of this is below, and is in Dutch.



Indeed, the irony is a deep gauntlet of injustice and hypocrisy, but an interesting one to observe nonetheless, especially since this year, KINGS DAY and FREEDOM DAY in South Africa, fall on the same day.  It was after all the Dutch who first founded South Africa.

Freedom Day in South Africa is just as much of a joke as Kings Day, as it commemorates the date of the first “post Apartheid” elections, which is supposed to mark the moment South Africa became “FREE”.  The true irony is, South Africa is no more free today than it was back then, in fact, things have only gotten worse.  The concept of FREEDOM is the Public Relations bandwagon that Nelson Mandela rode to public glory on, but as any South African will tell you, South Africa is worse after the presidency of Mandela than it was before, and we are no more free as a nation, in fact, we are more enslaved by the global corporate interests that control South Africa, it’s wealth, and its resources, from outside the country.

freedom day

For those who manage to survive economic hardship in South Africa, life has become more and more scary, with the vast amounts of crime and poverty making people fearful, and prison like homes and living environments decked out with all sorts of security technologies including “armed response” services, has tuned life into South Africa, into one of living in prisons.

And what point is there indeed to living in a golden cage?  Where is the freedom in that?

Even those with money, have no real freedom from the fear of having it all taken from them at any given point by those desperate enough to try.

The celebration of these illusory ideals in the form of national holidays (HOLY-days) which do not serve any other purpose than to impose certain illusions onto the population, only perpetuates the ignorance that empowers an empire by our tacit consent and willing acquiescence to these illusory ideals.  This moment of clarity dawned on me at the event I attended last night, and would not have done so if I had not been personally invited by the organisers of the event.  In between beer two and three, I began to become distinctly sick of the colour orange, being the Dutch national colour due to the Dutch Royals being from the House of Orange, an ancient lineage of Dragons families.  I felt sorry for those people who felt the need to wear the colour of their oppressors, thinking that this is just part of the festivities and traditions, whilst in fact it is a very manipulative psychological tactic to draw people into the illusory ideas being perpetuated.  For more details on this, please read the article below about FAKE FREEDOM MOVEMENTS  with some very interesting and relevant examples of this:

That being said, I have been invited to a FREEDOM DAY reception in The Hague tomorrow, hosted by the South African embassy, no doubt paid for by South African tax payer money, which funds the embassy budgets.  Upon further consideration, I have decided not to go.  I will not perpetuate illusory ideals perpetuated at the expense of my fellow countryman, because I truly believe in real FREEDOM, and I know what it looks like, and we certainly do not have anything to celebrate under the label of FREEDOM in our present reality, which is NOT free at all.

My wish to you all this “Freedom Day”, is to persist on working towards creating a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world.  The solutions truly do exist.  Please check out the work of The Venus Project as an example of this.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


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