CHARLIZE THERON: Agent of the Dark Agenda


Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

CHARLIZE THERON: Agent of the Dark Agenda – As one of the most beautiful, talented and versatile actresses in Hollywood, South African Charlize Theron is adored in her home country as an icon.  Charlize has an interesting history, and has starred in some amazing film offerings.  Please find her Wikipedia listing for her biographical details –

What most South African’s do not know is that as an Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron is an agent of the Dark Agenda, controlled by the Military Industrial Complex, which controls Hollywood, which is nothing more than an industry dedicated to the creation of propaganda and mind control fodder to reinforce the Dark Agenda which is ultimately the total annihilation of humanity as we know it.

If you are unsure of what the Dark Agenda and how it relates to South Africa, please feel free to read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY – book I – Light & Dark. Link to FREE eBook –

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars are in fact products of Project Monarch, and are totally owned and controlled by dark and malevolent forces, and are used as puppets to push the Dark Agenda.

Deal with the Devil
Deal with the Devil

Indeed, many have had to sell their soul to the dark demonic forces that control the entertainment industry, in order to acquire their fame and fortune. These famous icons are used to push programming and subliminal messaging through mainstream media in order to mind control and manipulate public perception.

Those that begin in the industry young, are often subjected to being sexually abused in order to reinforce programs of control. Pedophilia in Hollywood has always been an “open secret”, and many young Hollywood stars who have grown up, are now speaking out about the abuse they received for the lure of fame and success. Please read my article entitled AN OPEN SECRET – Hollywood Pedophiles Exposed –

Often when young actresses break into the “big time”, they will make a film, which eludes to their Satanic covenant. Charlize Theron’s break through role came opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, which features a scene of a seemingly demonically possessed and self-mutilated Charlize, naked in a church.

Charlize Theron possessed by the devil in THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE
Charlize Theron possessed by the devil in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE

Other interesting films that indicate Charlize Theron’s dark allegiances become evident when we look at the symbolism and storyline of films such as AEON FLUX, which described a society in the future not unlike what the result of the technocratic agenda that we now see rolling out. AEON FLUX has a distinct Orwellian / Brave New World feel about it, but most tellingly, the symbol of the ALL SEEING EYE is uses as the logo for this film.

Artwork image from the film AEON FLUX with Charlize Theron
Artwork image from the film AEON FLUX with Charlize Theron

Other South African entertainment industry artists who are featured with the ALL SEEING EYE include the music duo DIE ANTWOORD – link to article

Millions of people idolise Charlize Theron, who is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, but what many do not take into account, is that she does nothing to bring awareness to the genocide of her very own people in South Africa, and this is rather sad considering that Charlize Theron is descended from the Huguenots, a group of people who were forced to flee Europe to escape the same dark forces that are causing all the mayhem and suffering now, being the Black Nobility / Jesuits / Vatican.  Even more astounding is that Charlize Theron’s great-great uncle was Danie Theron, Boer Army militia leader who fought for the freedom of the Boers and for South African against the invading British forces during the Anglo-Boer wars.  Having grown up on a farm, one would hope that Charlize Theron would stand up as a spokes person for the ongoing genocide of the farmers / Boers in South Africa.

Oscar for Best Actress in 2004
Oscar for Best Actress in 2004

The reason why Charlize Theron does not, is because, as an asset of Hollywood / Military Industrial Complex / Vatican, she is complicit in the Global Conspiracy and the Dark Agenda, which includes the plan to wipe out the white races in South Africa.  This is especially evident when one takes into consideration that Charlize Theron is an Oscar winning actress. The Oscar is nothing more than a Knighthood, as the Oscar statuette is shaped like an art deco sculpted knight holding a sword, meaning she is puppet / agent of the controlling powers who control Hollywood.  The Oscar is their seal of approval.

Charlize Theron claims to be using her fame to for good with her foundation which is connected to the United Nations, and is supposed to be involved in helping to prevent AIDS.  Link to Charlize’s foundation –

For those who have read my book, THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY, you will be well aware that the United Nations is not on the side of humanity, and are very heavily involved in the various destructive agendas that is causing so much suffering.  Furthermore, AIDs as we have been taught to understand it, is a complete farce. Please watch the documentary film HOUSE OF NUMBERS to get a fuller understanding about the true story behind HIV / AIDS

And thus the question beckons, is Charlize really using her foundation for good?

Or is she like so many other Hollywood stars, a puppet of the Dark Agenda?


One need only look at who Charlize Theron’s humanitarian foundations donates money to, in order to establish just where her loyalties lie, having been the biggest private donor to the African National Congress at one point, according to main stream media sources.  The African National Congress has publicly called for the killing of white people in South Africa.

To Charlize, should you ever read this… do not forsake your people.  Remember who you are and were you came from.  Remember the struggles your ancestors went through at the hands of the evil forces you now serve. It is never too late to do the right thing and stand up for your people.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve




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