CULTural GENOCIDE – For the last month or so I have been watching from a distance as I witness an onslaught of total CULTural genocide has gone into effect in full force in my beloved home country of South Africa.   Slowly but surely the CULTures and traditions of South Africa is being chipped way bit by bit.

The first example of this is the banning or several South African sporting federations from bidding for major international sports tournaments by the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula, this includes participation and hosting of international sports events.  This draconian measure was enforced upon the South African sporting world effecting Ruby, Cricket, Netball and Athletics after recent reports said that the various sports governing bodies had failed to meet the equality of opportunity targets, which is based on colour and not sporting skills.


The second major incursion into South Africa’s CULTural heritage is the removal of freedoms from radio DJs to select music for listenership with new laws dictating that 90% of music has to be of “local” origin.  There are plans to make similar incursions into the world of television broadcasting, with at least 90% of media being of local origins.  Although this could potentially be beneficial for the development of the media industry in South Africa, by encouraging more local production to fill demand, the thing that bothers me is that it is a measure being implemented by force, and thus will most likely be used as a method of creating mind controlling music and TV propaganda designed to manipulate the perceptions of people.  With such a stronghold over the media, the government has the power to propagandise any aspect or agenda they deem necessary.


Pietermaritzburg famous old Victorian station burnt down by "service delivery protesters". They feel nothing for heritage!
Pietermaritzburg famous old Victorian station burnt down by “service delivery protesters”. They feel nothing for heritage!

The third aspect of CULTural genocide that is rampant at the moment, is the ongoing destruction of historical monuments and structures in South Africa.  From statues to buildings, they just cant seem to get enough of destruction and mayhem.  I was saddened to see this image pop up on Facebook, of a place I knew well as a child, being the old Victorian Station in Pietermaritzburg, set ablaze by people protesting the lack of service delivery… well it is not going to get any better if you burn everything down!  The stupidity of these unnecessarily violent measured in protest is really counter productive to the cause they are supposedly protesting.

It breaks my heart to see my beautiful home country going up in flames.  I truly do long for a day when we can all just share the abundance of this planet and work together to fix the problems, instead of acting out in violent destruction, resulting in the loss of our CULTural heritage.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



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