In amongst all the turmoil of our times, it is sometimes challenging to remain balanced and focused. I regularly take time to appreciate the true beauty of humanity, which lies in the fact that we all want the same thing… we all want to be FREE.

The pursuit of FREEDOM is a key driving force behind much of what I do in terms of my personal work and journey. In my capacity as an Investigative Journalist, I have been involved with many freedom or humanitarian focused groups that all work on the premise that the ultimate pursuit is freedom for humanity and an end to war, poverty and suffering for the purposes of profit.

However one soon realises that not everybody is working from the same page, and indeed, others have their own agenda, which has nothing to do with creating a better world for us all, rather it is about creating a better life for themselves, often at the expense of others.

In fact the term FREEDOM has become so overused as a way to capture the attention of disgruntled people, that we have almost become detached from the true essence of the meaning.

It was the FREEDOM bandwagon upon which Nelson Mandela rode to near enough saint like status on, but we have yet to see that FREEDOM materialise in a meaningful and sustainable way.

The most important aspect for us to understand is the “Fake Freedom Movement” aspect of Vatican controlled Central Intelligence Agency funded movements.  Having myself exposed various elements of the modern day “Truth Movement” to be Co Opted, because let’s face it, truth does not need a movement, only lies do, it is important to recognize just how many very famous freedom movements over the years have in fact been, what is known in Intelligence circles as a “Psy-Ops”.  The best examples of this are the “Woman’s Liberation Movement” and the “Hippy Anti War Movement” that came out of the sixties.


The whole fake Woman’s Liberation Movement is put squarely on the shoulders of one woman, Gloria Steinem.  Gloria was the nationally recognized leader, and media spokeswoman for the woman’s liberation movement in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.  She was also the founder of Ms. Magazine, which became the platform for the woman’s lib movement.  However, Steinem has herself admitted in book that the entire movement was funded by the Vatican / Jesuit controlled Central Intelligence Agency, and that Ms Magazine was so well funded by the CIA, that it did not even need paying advertisers.  Gloria Steinem has always been, and continues to function in the capacity of a feminist, whilst being secretly backed by the CIA.  The whole point behind the woman’s liberation movement was never about liberating women, it was to get more women into work in order for governments to reap more tax money.  With women now seeking the same rights as men and taking on the same responsibilities, this had the added bonus of ensuring that children were also put into educational institutions from a much younger age whilst Mums were at work, and thus they could be indoctrinated much younger.  The whole woman’s lib movement was nothing more than way to manipulate the population even further, into giving more money in taxes, and into brain washing children from a younger age.


Following on from the Vietnam war, there was much unhappiness in America regarding the government’s decision to engage in such a drawn out and protracted war that just did not seem to have anything to do with the people of the United States.  In order to give the opposition a voice, the Powers That Be created a whole genre of musicians, many of which had close family ties to the military industrial complex and intelligence apparatus, in order to front what became known as the Hippy Movement.  The whole “make love not war” matra that was born out of the sixties, was a backed by the infusion of CIA created and controlled drugs and music, into the popular culture of 1960’s America.  People such as Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and James Morrison, artists who epitomized the Hippy spirit of the sixties, were all linked to Intelligence and Military.  It is interesting to note that all three of these artists died at the age of 27 under mysterious circumstances.

It is important that we recognise the patterns of the fake freedom movements, and how they operate.  The people of South Africa were told that once APARTHEID had been abolished, they would be free, and all the colors of South Africa would unite to create the “Rainbow Nation”.  More than 25 years on from the release of Nelson Mandela, and it is becoming more and more apparent to all people that the “rainbow” was an illusion.  The people of South Africa are struggling more than they ever have.

It is time to stop believing in the lies and manipulation, and start to figure out the truth for yourselves.  The truth is not hard to find, if you know what to look for.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



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