FAKE REVOLUTIONS & CONTROLLED COUPS: Zimbabwe & Mugabe – Many folks from the Southern part of Africa drew a collective breath of excitement and anticipation, when the news dropped a fortnight ago, that a coup has happened in Zimbabwe.  The mainstream media put out the usual fake news / propaganda, claiming that the military had taken control of Zimbabwe, and that Robert Mugabe was to be deposed from his role as dictator, a role he has held for 37 years.

Robert Mugabe

Mugabe was born to a poor Shona family in Kutama, near Kutama Jesuit Mission, in Southern Rhodesia. Following an education at Kutama College, (a Jesuit run educational / indoctrination facility) and the University of Fort Hare (formally a Jesuit Mission before becoming a university), he worked as a school teacher in Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Ghana. Angered that Southern Rhodesia was a British colony governed by a white minority, Mugabe embraced Marxism and joined African nationalist protests calling for an independent black-led state. After making anti-government comments, he was convicted of sedition and imprisoned between 1964 and 1974. On release, he fled to Mozambique, established his leadership of ZANU, a political party funded by the Vatican.  Mugabe oversaw ZANU’s role in the Rhodesian Bush War, fighting Rhodesia’s then Prime Minister Ian Smith and his predominantly white government.  He reluctantly took part in the peace negotiations brokered by the United Kingdom that resulted in the Lancaster House Agreement.  The agreement dismantled white minority rule and resulted in the 1980 general election, at which Mugabe led ZANU-PF to victory. When Southern Rhodesia was granted internationally recognised independence as Zimbabwe that April, Mugabe became the country’s prime minister.

For many South Africans, the patterns are not unlike what happened to Nelson Mandela, and that is because like Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe was raised and educated / indoctrinated by Jesuits / Vatican agents, and has always been a Vatican Puppet / terrorist.  Opposition to Mugabe’s government was violently dealt with, such as the genocide of the Ndebele of Matabeleland who were killed on Mugabe’s orders by Mugabe’s  Fifth Brigade.  Many native tribes  murdered across Southern Africa during Mugabe’s reign, to speak nothing of the thousands of white Rhodesian farmers, who were murdered in much the same way as we now see happening in South Africa… And much like South Africa, many white Rhodesians had to flee for fear of their lives from their homes and farms in what was then known as Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe).

Mugabe has long since faced sanctions by the United Nations for his human rights abuses.  In fact the atrocities committed by Robert Mugabe were so vast, that he has many of his knighthoods stripped from him (but not all), and an international travel ban was placed upon Mugabe.  This did not stop the Vatican giving Mugabe special permission to travel in order to attend the beatification ceremony of the late Pope John Paul II, proving that Mugabe was always a Vatican Puppet, following orders of the Satanic Roman Cult.

In recent events, Mugabe made headlines in late October 2017, by being made a Goodwill Ambassador for the World Health Organisation.  This of course provoked a massive public outcry following widespread criticism from donors, human rights groups and several medical organisations.  As a result, the World Health Organisation (WHO) withdrew its decision to appoint Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as a Goodwill Ambassador.

This faux par by the World Health Organisation had further consequences:  It drew massive international public attention to Robert Mugabe’s past atrocities, sparking a renewed need by the powers that be, to distance themselves from the bad publicity surrounding Robert Mugabe, and thus, a controlled “Coup d’ etat” was planned and orchestrated by agents of the Vatican / Jesuits.

The definition of a “Coup d’ stat” is the overthrow of the state / government by the military or other elite groups within the state apparatus, and are supposed to be illegal.  However, the supposed “Coup” of Robert Mugabe was more like a controlled removal of someone who had become a total embarrassment to the orchestrators of the globalist agenda, and who had kept Mugabe in power for almost four decades.  Indeed, this was far from being a genuine “coup” of this ruthless dictator.  If this “coup” was a genuine, Robert Mugabe would have been jailed, put on trial and possibly executed for acts of genocide committed under his administration of Zimbabwe.  Instead, Jesuit Priest by the name of Father Fidelis Mukonori, who brokered Mugabe’s resignation, gave a statement to the BBC as Mugabe’s spokes person, proving that Mugabe is and always has been controlled by the Jesuits.   Due to the fact this this was a fake coup, and due to the fact that Robert Mugabe was merely following orders when he committed acts of genocide, Mugabe is going to escape prosecution for the hundreds of thousands of people he had murdered during his presidency, as well as receiving a golden handshake of $10 million, plus a large salary paid to him until his death.  This is the reward for murderous dictators who serve the Vatican / Jesuit / Roman Cult’s dark agenda.  But it does not end there, far from being banished to retirement, Father Fidelis also indicated that Robert Mugabe would provide advice as an “elder statesman” to the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa.  The events of the past few months only further gives proof to the fact that the Vatican still controls Zimbabe via it’s military order known as the Jesuits.

“We stand by principle and by virtue and that’s my teaching. The Jesuits taught me to die for principle and I stand by that. I am Catholic like Chavez (Venezuelan President) and I am a Catholic to the end with my principles which I hold as sacred.”

Robert Mugabe, 18 October 2005

This whole epic about Robert Mugabe being overthrown in a coup, is just another attempt to manipulate the public into believing in fake freedom movements, which are engineered by the Vatican / Jesuits, via the mainstream media and intelligence networks such as MI5, the CIA, all of which the Vatican / Jesuits / Knights / Satanic Roman Cult controls.

Time to stop believing what is being put out by the mainstream media and start thinking for yourself.


Mel Ve

Mel Ve

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