WHAT FREEDOM? Examining the hypocrisy of Freedom Day


WHAT FREEDOM? Examining the hypocrisy of Freedom Day – Being a South African living in Holland, it is ever so interesting to note that Freedom Day in South Africa, also just happens to fall on the same day that the Dutch celebrate King’s Day.  Having been invited to a party last night in The Hague, most people were awash with orange attire and other symbolic expressions to celebrate the Royal Rulers of Holland, who live off tax payer money, and throw big pubic events to celebrate themselves as is the case with King’s Day, which is today, the same day as Freedom Day in South Africa, all at the taxpayers’ cost.  To thank the tax payer for funding their self aggrandisement, they declare this day a public holiday, and people get to go to all sorts of events paid for by their tax money, to get intoxicated on the booze that the Dutch Royal family own and sell to those who ignorantly revel in celebration of their masters, in effect, celebrating their servitude, whilst enriching those whom they serve.

For those who want to know more about the Dutch Royal family and their corrupt and damaging corporate interests, please note that they own Shell Oil, as well as electronics giant Philips.  In 2009 my team got to interview a gentleman named Ad Van Rooij, who was the former safety manager for Philips, and he made some startling revelations about how they dump toxins back into products instead of disposing of them, and them sell these products to us.  The stack of evidence this man had took up an entire room of storage, covered floor to ceiling in boxes of documents.

The interview of this is below, and is in Dutch.



Indeed, the irony is a deep gauntlet of injustice and hypocrisy, but an interesting one to observe nonetheless, especially since this year, KINGS DAY and FREEDOM DAY in South Africa, fall on the same day.  It was after all the Dutch who first founded South Africa.

Freedom Day in South Africa is just as much of a joke as Kings Day, as it commemorates the date of the first “post Apartheid” elections, which is supposed to mark the moment South Africa became “FREE”.  The true irony is, South Africa is no more free today than it was back then, in fact, things have only gotten worse.  The concept of FREEDOM is the Public Relations bandwagon that Nelson Mandela rode to public glory on, but as any South African will tell you, South Africa is worse after the presidency of Mandela than it was before, and we are no more free as a nation, in fact, we are more enslaved by the global corporate interests that control South Africa, it’s wealth, and its resources, from outside the country.

freedom day

For those who manage to survive economic hardship in South Africa, life has become more and more scary, with the vast amounts of crime and poverty making people fearful, and prison like homes and living environments decked out with all sorts of security technologies including “armed response” services, has tuned life into South Africa, into one of living in prisons.

And what point is there indeed to living in a golden cage?  Where is the freedom in that?

Even those with money, have no real freedom from the fear of having it all taken from them at any given point by those desperate enough to try.

The celebration of these illusory ideals in the form of national holidays (HOLY-days) which do not serve any other purpose than to impose certain illusions onto the population, only perpetuates the ignorance that empowers an empire by our tacit consent and willing acquiescence to these illusory ideals.  This moment of clarity dawned on me at the event I attended last night, and would not have done so if I had not been personally invited by the organisers of the event.  In between beer two and three, I began to become distinctly sick of the colour orange, being the Dutch national colour due to the Dutch Royals being from the House of Orange, an ancient lineage of Dragons families.  I felt sorry for those people who felt the need to wear the colour of their oppressors, thinking that this is just part of the festivities and traditions, whilst in fact it is a very manipulative psychological tactic to draw people into the illusory ideas being perpetuated.  For more details on this, please read the article below about FAKE FREEDOM MOVEMENTS  with some very interesting and relevant examples of this:


That being said, I have been invited to a FREEDOM DAY reception in The Hague tomorrow, hosted by the South African embassy, no doubt paid for by South African tax payer money, which funds the embassy budgets.  Upon further consideration, I have decided not to go.  I will not perpetuate illusory ideals perpetuated at the expense of my fellow countryman, because I truly believe in real FREEDOM, and I know what it looks like, and we certainly do not have anything to celebrate under the label of FREEDOM in our present reality, which is NOT free at all.

My wish to you all this “Freedom Day”, is to persist on working towards creating a FREE, FAIR, JUST, SUSTAINABLE world.  The solutions truly do exist.  Please check out the work of The Venus Project as an example of this.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



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