INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TAKES NOTE OF SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE – For many years, it has been up to the efforts of brave expats / economic refugees of South Africa, such as my esteemed colleague Karin Smith, and myself, the Independent Media Journalist known as Mel Ve, to do what we can to bring awareness to the genocide that is going on in South Africa.  In fact, this is the reason that websites like STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE was started.

After many years of a long and hard slog, often facing the worst kind of abuse and discrimination for doing other than serving my fellow human being with well researched, documented facts and truth, it is good to see some international folks chiming in on this situation.  But further to that, we also see that South Africans are finally coming together to protest the Boer genocide / farm murders that are occurring.

On the 30 October 2017, many South Africans at home and abroad, wore black in a show of protest against the farm murders, in a demonstration that reached even the international media such as the BBC, in what has become known as BLACK MONDAY.

Karin Smith and I were blessed to catch up with Schalk van der Merwe, our correspondent in South Africa, about how BLACK MONDAY unfolded

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to Schalk van der Merwe about Black Monday | 31 October 2017

Karin Smith and I have been delighted to catch up with international public figures who are fully aware and have also been bringing awareness to the South African cause.  It was  true rare pleasure to catch up with Journalist Alex Newman, who has himself spent a great deal of time in South Africa, and has been a champion for the Boer cause, with an propounding informed understanding, and articulate manner of communication, regarding the facts surrounding what is going on in South Africa.

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Alex Newman | 24 October 2017

Also worth watching is our recent interview with controversial British politician, Nick Griffin, who has been on the front line of trying to get other countries to accept South African refugees, particularly Hungary, which ironically he is presently banned from visiting.  However it was a true rare privilege to catch up with Nick and to hear his well informed views on the situation in South Africa, not to mention that fact that it was ever so refreshing to hear a Brit show regret and sympathy for the 60 000 Boer women and children that were killed in Concerntration Camps by the British during the second Anglo Boer War at the turn of the twentieth century.

STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview Nick Griffin | 07 November 2017

For more from Karin Smith and I, tune in to our live broadcasts of STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE on Conscious Consumer Network, every Tuesday at 7pm GMT.

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