Michael Tellinger
Dear Sirs and Madams,
Please feel free to be advised that the following is the Truth, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God. After watching videos on Ubuntu and Contributionism, I joined the Ubuntu Liberation Movement in 2015 and moved up to Waterval Boven to become a volunteer for Ubuntu in January 2016. As a volunteer at the Ubuntu Village with Michael Tellinger I very quickly found out that the property is actually called “The Stone Circle” and it is a PRIVATE PROPERTY, which belongs to Michael Tellinger.
In very short order it became clear to me that there is NO UBUNTU VILLAGE, there is NO Self-Sustaining systems, No Bakery, giving away daily bread, No Fish Farm delivering free fish nor any terraced and landscaped gardens. For the last plus/minus 5 years MJT has been collecting Donations under the pretense of feeding the masses and uplifting the world. Sadly he is only uplifting himself and his ego-driven appetite for consumption. Where have the millions of Rands worth of donations gone? Last year Millions of Rands were raised but less than R9000.00 was spent on Soup Kitchens, I paid for almost all of them myself.
The following is a list of new purchases Mr. Micheal Tellinger has made, which I personally witnessed, within the last year: A Gold coloured Jeep 4×4, a white Toyota Rav 4×4(they were purchased to promote his Stone Circle buisness), new driveway at Michaels house, newly refurbished cottage at Michaels house, 6x Ensuite Cottages being built at Stone Circle Bistro, new Museum being built at Stone Circle Bistro, New furniture(complete) at Stone Circle Bistro, Stone Circle Bistro completely repainted(entire property all around), New JoJo Water Tanks at Stone Circle Bistro and I could go on until nauseam. The vast majority of ALL Ubuntu Donations collected, for the entire year of 2016, where spent on Stone Circle Bistro(his private property) and his Private House.
The remainder of the World’s Donations to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Liberation Movement were consumed by Michael Tellinger, in his personally capacity, with the funds being used to pay for his 4 – 5 Star accommodation and various other Luxuries. He has already spent thousands of Rands at Woolworths(just in January 2017) this month and it is only the 13th today of the month. While the local people suffer and go to bed hungry this fat old white jerk(who was not even born in South Afrika) is “Eating The Money!” Fat old white foreign jerks have been stealing from Afrika for years so this is nothing new. However, these monies are being collected under false pretenses and the MONIES ARE NOT GOING TO CHARITY! They are being consumed by his ego-driven, greed and lust fueled appetite for self-aggrandizement. This is a Cult and it is a Crime. I still live in Waterval Boven and I still feed the children here at my gate. They come here because for a about a year I was the one funding the Soup Kitchens (which Michael Tellinger cancelled after the elections, August 3rd – 4th. Why? Unless feeding people was never the goal here). I also personally sponsored various other charities.
If You would like to help Stop The Crime, then please feel free to contact me. Mr. Tellinger is being sponsored to go around the world telling people how to live, while he acts like one of the people that he speaks out against. There is more, much more, all of which I have ALL the evidence, the excel spreadsheets, the accounting and the eye-witness reports. Ubuntu is not Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Please help to stop Mr. Tellinger’s crimes and abuse of Ubuntu Funds and Donations meant for Waterval Boven’s Upliftment Projects. If You would like to speak my number is +27-83-226-8660, mailing address is P.O. Box 333, Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, South Afrika. Thank-You, for this Opportunity to Be of Service. Love and Light!! GodBless The Journeyil
Yours In Faith,
Greg Scott
30 August 2016

Attention: Michal Julius Tellinger

Dear Michal,


With immediate effect, I hereby resign from my position as Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO.

My reasons, for the record, are as follows:
1. Since the registration of Ubuntu Planet NPC on the 24th July 2015, despite your agreement to then, and constant verbal and written requests since by myself and third Director Lesanne Brooke, you have failed to make time to meet and discuss or provide the basics required for due diligence by the Companies Act and Kings III/IV (which are guides to best practice for NPO directors and referred to as a base code for any legal or ethical claims stakeholders, donors, etc ) in terms of policy. At the least, these basics include annual audited financial statements (1st year is now overdue) and proof of Tax compliance. In addition, best practice requires that we meet at least 4 times a year and to date, again despite constant requests for such meetings, you have neglected to make time for such meetings or provide your fellow Directors any form of formal policy, strategy and budget, formal contracts for all Directors and staff members, written codes of conduct, minuted meetings, rules regarding conflicts of interest etc.
2. Since we have entered into a legal agreement, as a legal entity we are therefore obliged to act in ways that are consistent with our legal obligations. In addition, we have ethical obligations in managing other people’s money. Regardless of this, all links for donations and funding are directed into your personal paypal account, and so, neither myself as 50% Director of Ubuntu Planet NPO nor the third Director Lesanne Brooke have ever had access to information regarding funding coming in nor where it is being spent, and despite my concerns often communicated to you no effort to my knowledge has been made to set up a paypal account for the NPO, separate to your personal account and accessible to your fellow Directors.
3. Since the resignation of Lesanne Brooke as Director on the 31st October 2015 the validity of the NPO, which requires a minimum of 3 Directors, has been compromised. No effort to replace Lesanne has been made to date regardless of constant requests by both Lesanne and myself and in effect the Ubuntu Planet NPO has been invalid since the date of her resignation. Regardless of this, you have continued to request and receive funding under the guise of a valid Non Profit Organisation into your personal paypal account over the course of the past 10 months.
4. In spite of the fact that I am a 50% Director of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, and despite constant requests for meetings to discuss policy regarding the political activations and community development of the Ubuntu Planet NPO, you have consistently operated without communication with me or transparency about your plans. As a result, I have been kept in the dark about any and all decisions you have made to date, including Ubuntu Mobile, which I only became aware of 1 week before it’s launch.
5. Over the course of the past year, you have removed my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, social media pages and the database more than once, without explanation.
6. Since March 2016, I have requested the implementation of the community feature on the Ubuntu Planet website. This request has been consistently undermined with the result that I have been unable to initiate the numerous community development and other projects I have been activating, and upon my return from Australia this week, I was notified by our webmaster that the entire website is being restructured and rebuilt without my awareness or request for input.
7. Not only have I never been acknowledged as visionary of Ubuntu Planet, nor for my role in helping you build the Ubuntu Liberation Movement over the past 5 years, but I have consistently been prevented by you from having any influence in directing, developing or growing the Ubuntu Movement, regardless of my 50% partnership and Directorship in this movement with you.
8. It has come to my attention that the soup kitchen project, which you consistently promote as a drive for funding, has been personally paid for all along by Greg Scott, manager of Stone Circle since March 2016, which he is happy to account for.
9. Over the past year, I have been contacted by several people from Stone Circle concerned about the misappropriation of funds and lack of transparency on your part, particularly to do with the two vehicles you purchased in cash upon your return from Europe in May with the money you earned there from your Ubuntu presentations abroad, as well as allegations that funding coming in has been appropriated to the personal building project of your guest houses at Stone Circle. I am constantly being asked about the free energy devices which have been purchased, built or funded by our donating members over the past 2 years that have to date never materialized. I have received complaints from your staff members at Stone Circle about not being paid their salaries, and that in the past 5 months no less than R90 000 has been personally invested by Greg Scott in the running of the Stone Circle Ubuntu Village, Ubuntu sporting events in Waterval Boven and the feeding program for Ubuntu volunteers, all projects for which you publically request funding for. Again, Greg is happy to account for this money spent. Unfounded or not, the question of your integrity has been a consistent theme over the time I have known you, and I too have to wonder now, due to your deliberate lack of transparency with me, the removal of my access to the bank account, Ubuntu Planet website, Ubuntu Planet and Ubuntu Party Facebook pages and the Ubuntu database, as well as your consistent refusal to discuss these matters with me over the past 6 months, whether there is truth in at least some of these allegations.

Please begin this resignation process with SITO and sign/supply all the relevant necessary paperwork immediately. I also request that my name be removed from all documentation (including the banks, any contracts to date and all websites).

If I do not hear from you within seven days of the date of this letter, I will take it that this is in process and await the paperwork for my signature.

I am emailing you this copy and will send a further copy by registered post for your records.

Louise Clarke (former partner of Michael Tellinger since 2010)

For more on Michael Tellinger, and his many years as a scammer and fraud, please follow the trail of evidence collected since 2010, by South African Independent Investigative Journalist Mel Ve.
Global Initiative Review: UBUNTU –

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