Questions regarding the ethics of editorial CENSORSHIP by South African mainstream media

Many people put unquestionable amounts of faith in the mainstream media, trusting them as an institution of impartiality, but are they?
All mainstream media, is either controlled by corporate interests or the government, and therefore, it is a rather logical conclusion that media is used for purposes of manipulation through propaganda and / or  censorship. The reality is, many people spent damaging amounts of time being indoctrinated by mainstream media.

A little bit of research on this matter shows us that all main stream media is controlled by the global intelligence network on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex. Indeed, this is brainwashing and mind control weapon used by the military to assist in maintaining the status quo.

In these troubling times, more and more people are desperate for their voices to be heard. It was rather disturbing to hear that The SABC has banned open lines on its radio talk shows in a bid to stop anti government callers from voicing their issues in the build-up to local government elections, according to reports in the Sunday Times and City Press. It is said that the lines would be restored after the government elections, in order to protect the SABC against anyone using the platform for their own benefit, such as electioneering.

Well considering that the elections are a farce, and I suspect, somewhat rigged, it would make absolutely no difference on the outcome if anybody engaged in electioneering, as the outcome is already determined before the election begins.

Perhaps the truth lies in the fact that the government has stepped up it’s policies on media censorship as seen by the removal of Mel Ve’s documentary THE LAST OF THE BOERS, in order to stop public dissent for the South African government from hitting the mainstream media airwaves.

Now more than ever we need truly FREE & INDEPENDENT media platforms that are dedicated to TRUTH above corporate interests or government agendas, who can inform people with facts in these confusing and frightening times.

Please check out Conscious Consumer Network, a totally FREE & INDEPENDENT Live broadcast TV network, that is especially concerned for the wellbeing of the people of Africa.

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