Preserving Diversity in a Global Village

Preserving Diversity in a Global Village – With all the strife an chaos going on at the moment, often we forget to appreciate the beautiful and diverse nature of our planet.  Having grown up in South Africa, I have come to love all races, as well as enjoy many different CULTures though my travels.  Learning the way different people live and express their lives has given me a broader perspective than most, as well as a tolerance and acceptance of that which may be different to what we have come to know.

Having many times expressed my concerns about the CULTural genocide, as well as having taken legal action in the form of applications to the International Criminal Court here in The Hague for the genocide of my people, the Boers, which is happening in South Africa, I felt it was necessary to give some clarity on certain issues which are being ceased upon in order to stir up hatred and separation in the world of ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, especially since there seem to be confusion on the part of many people as to where I stand on certain very important issues.

Firstly, I have been accused by my black friends on Facebook, of being a white racist who wants to see the black man live under the rule of the white man.  How this conclusion was reached is beyond me, as I have never ever expressed this as my desire or wish.  I love my black friends.  I love my Muslim friends.  I love my gay friends.   I am a lover not a hater.  I do not hate people indiscriminately based on superficial matters such as race, religion or even sexual orientation.  I have no issue with people’s colour or personal choices in life, so long as they do not try to impose their choices upon me, and respect me, my being and my choices, just as I respect theirs.

Ultimately, I have always intended for my work to bring understanding to the confusing level of reality that we live in.  My work has never been intended for causing separation and division between races and religions.  What I have discovered through the course of my research is that much of the facts about our past has been manipulated in order to manipulate public perception.  Having spent much time digging into the darkness our the history of South Africa, I have exposed just how APARTHEID was used as a very clever political manipulation tool, as well as explaining the true origins or APARTHEID being SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT, which was put in place to preserve the CULTural heritage of the BANTU peoples of South Africa.  Of course this has brought me much criticism from my black friends who have wrongly labelled me a s a racist, as they are so brainwashed with the manipulated meaning of the world APARTHEID, which they have been indoctrinated to believe, was the problem to begin with.  Well that is not true.  The truth about APARTHEID is that it was created as a means of preserving the CULTural heritage of the BANTU people, rather than being a system of domination and suppression.

CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES is a show broadcast on Conscious Consumer Network - - check out the FREE & easy to use new social media platform
CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES is a show broadcast on Conscious Consumer Network – – check out the FREE & easy to use new social media platform

The other end of the coin which is rather comical on many levels, is that I have now been targeted by WHITE SUPREMACIST groups who are all trying to recruit me into their Neo-Nazi ghettos.  I was contacted by one very disturbed BLACK, JEW and GAY hating girl called Sinead McCarthy, who asked me for an interview.  I had no idea of who she was or what her agenda was when she interviewed me, or I would not have agreed to the interview, but within a few moments of we began our interview on Monday 30 May 2016, I knew this girl had an agenda, and clearly she wanted me to be in on it, and mocked and scorned me for NOT hating blacks or jews.  The interview was posted on Renegade Radio, and all I can say is WOW, what a sad bunch of nasty haters the Renegade Radio CULT followers  are.  Having observed their behaviour, it is interesting to note just how these HATERS fan and fuel each other’s hatred through their participation on the Renegade Radio forum.  I tried to post some responses on their forum, but they were all deleted, which shows me that Renegade Radio does not provide a platform for FREE SPEECH, rather it is geared towards a deliberate NEO NAZI AGENDA, by providing a platform for Neo Nazis.  When I tried to explain my evidence and my views on certain matters which contradicted her agenda, Sinead Mc Carthy just shouted over me as if she did not want my voice to be heard, and then proceeded to bash me verbally with statistics about how many whites were raped by Blacks, and just how bad Jews are, and so forth. I tried to leave the interview half way through, but was coaxed into staying on for an additional Jew and Black bashing, which she persisted in a relentless fashion.  Sinead acted most unprofessionally by not stick to the list of pre agreed questions I asked her to send me, rather she solicited my time under false pretences in order to create more hate fodder for her sick followers.  After the last very anti Jew quote that she read me, and asked me to give an opinion on, I just left the interview, as I knew Sinead was only content if she either got me to agree with her, or she was going to try set me up to mock and taunt me.  I knew at that stage what a little monster this white racist bitch was, and I was not going to give her any more of my time in order for her to try to create some sick platform of pseudo fame for herself based on a racist and anti semitic agenda.  I wanted no part of it, and thus I left the interview, and indeed I was mocked by Sinead for it.

Link to interview:

After the “interview”, which was more like a racist rant than an attempt to acquire my information, I got an email from Neo Nazi Sinead, calling me a TRAITOR, because I would not sink to the level of hating blacks and jews.   I am proud of that, and if Sinead or any of her followers think that I am a bad person for not being a racist hater, then it only goes to show just how dark and low these ignorant people are in terms of their morals and judgement. Further comments from Sinead on Conscious Consumer Network’s channel have included accusing me of being complicit in WHITE GENOCIDE… And here is where the schism in Sinead’s fucked up little head becomes obvious, because I am the only person who has brought a case to the International Criminal Courts for White Genocide.  I have always campaigned about the genocide of my people in South Africa.  But that being said, I am not ignorant to the Black Genocide that is also via the administering of vaccines which are responsible for causing AIDs related illness.  No, HIV did not come from monkeys.  It is a provable patented disease registered under the US Patent number  4647773 by Dr. Mercola, the man who created it, and it was spread through the black and gay populations by genocidal racists and homophobes, all of the same ilk as Sinead Mc Carthy.  When I tried to point this out to Sinead, I was shut down with more of her loud shouting and hatred.

Please feel free to read my book for more details about this in the below article and my book

Please help yourself to a FREE eBook of my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY – book I – Light & Dark.  (link below)

In hindsight, it has become very obvious that Sinead is involved in clear COINTELPRO provocateur tactics, which are used by Intelligence Agents to cause division and conflict.  Sorry but it wont work with me.  I wont be sucked into anybody’s destructive agendas, and I know a COINTELPRO operation when I see one.

To Sinead and her HATE CULT, you are NOT creating a better world with what you do.  Nothing coming from you has any benefit to the greater good.  Whether or not you are aware of this, the fact remains, you are being used as puppets of the DARK AGENDA to spout hatred and cause separation and conflict… but perhaps you know that already.  Perhaps you are the kind of people who enjoy doing that.  In which case, you will get the DARKNESS that you are creating.  You are not exempt from what comes next!

Please take some time to watch my latest episode of CONSCIOUS COMMUNITIES, as well as the the episode entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA, where I address these matters with clear evidence and examples to explain the full dynamic of this complex situation.  (links below)

If anybody wants any further clarity on matters, please get in touch with me

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve


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