HAIL THE KING | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to the King of South Africa LIVE on CCN

HAIL THE KING | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to the King of South Africa LIVE on CCN – Many people may not know the King of South Africa, but I can assure you that he does exist.  Long before the Jan van Riebeek landed at the Cape, there were a native group of people who inhabited this land.  This group is commonly referenced today as the “Bushmen”, but their official name is that of the Khoi San, also named as the Hottentots by the colonialists.  It was this group of nomadic pastorialists that were first encountered by the settlers of the Dutch East India Company.

What many may not know is that this group of people have been totally ignored in the waking years since the release of Nelson Mandela and the supposed abolishing of Apartheid.  The ruling government party being the African National Congress, has totally marginalised this group of originals, who are not white, nor are they black, but something in-between, sometimes referenced as “coloured” by white South Africans.

Being the original peoples of the land known today as South Africa, King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III is the rightful king and sovereign heir to the throne of South Africa, however he and his people have been largely ignored and outright rejected by the corrupt African National Congress government.

King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III
King Goab Khoebaha Cornelius III

In this rare interview, King Cornelius talked candidly with Mel Ve & Karin Smith during a live interview on STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE which aired on Conscious Consumer Network on 5 September 2017.  The King shared his tribal wisdom and spiritual insights, as well as many heart breaking stories about the suffering that is going on in South Africa at the hands of the Corporatocracy, Globalists and African National Congress government.

King Cornelius is working behind the scenes with a number of groups to work on peaceful solutions to resolving the horror and genocide that is going on in South Africa.  Being the rightful ruler and sovereign of the lands known as South Africa, King Cornelius wishes to bring peace and prosperity to the people of South Africa… and he has a plan, which he would not reveal to us, but we have been given details of what is going on behind the scenes, by those involved, but being responsible, and not wishing to offend the King or ruin these plans, we must for now honour our journalistic obligations to keep this information under wraps for now, but it will not be for long, so watch this space.


STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE | Mel Ve & Karin Smith interview the Khoi San King | 5 September 2017 @ 7pm GMT


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