MEL VE RESIGNS from the Sovereign State of Good Hope | 24 October 2018

TO:  His Royal Highness King / Goab Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, Jenny Arrison, the Sovereign State of Good Hope inner circle (whomever may still be left), and the people of the Republic of South Africa

LETTER OF RESIGNATION as International Media Advisor to the Sovereign State of Good Hope and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.
On this day the 24 October 2018, one year to the day from which I, the Independent Media Journalist known as Mel Ve, was appointed by royal mandate by King / Goab Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, as the International Media Advisor the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, offer my resignation from my mandated post, whilst completely and totally disassociating myself from the pseudo freedom effort masquerading as the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
Although my 20 years of media work follows a vast spectrum of information, my particular areas of specialisation are based in unconventional theories involving cultural anthropology, lost civilisations, ancient ruins, myth & legends, historic artworks, etymology and alternative education modalities.
I have authored several books, produced several documentary films, and have made some ground breaking discoveries.  I present workshops and lecture at various educational seminars, participate in international summits and conferences as a speaker, as well as train and coach people in various aspects pertaining to media, with a specialisation in digital media.
On the 1 January 2015, I launched a humanitarian project called Conscious Consumer Network, which is a multi language international educational live broadcast network dedicated to independent media journalists, who share the same basic fundamental orientation as the founding principles of Conscious Consumer Network (CCN).  CCN has produced over 3000 broadcasts since the launch over 4 years ago, and is the most successful and longest running publicly funded, community run online humanitarian network of its kind.  CCN produces media for a number of humanitarian and charitable organisations, who are all dedicated to creating a better world.
One of my key areas of activism and focus is my home country of South Africa and the dire state of affairs that world seems to ignore.  My book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY was banned in South Africa, and is only available via online activist networks in eBook format.  But this did not stop me from getting this book out there, as I decided to make it available for free, and the book now has over 275 ooo downloads from my website alone.  This book is also uploaded to many other websites, and thus it is impossible to guess how many people have downloaded and read this book.  This book is a FREE ebook giveaway, so please take some time to get to know the truth about South Africa.
A headed letter of receipt from the International Criminal Court following the delivery of legal documentation*

In 2013, in the position as International Media Liaison for Independence Commission Africa, I delivered papers to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, regarding the genocide going on in South Africa.  I relocated to the Hague to begin the process of criminal charges against the Government of South Africa.  After 3 years and going bankrupt during the process, I relinquished my efforts after South Africa temporarily “removed” itself from the ICC treaty, in order to deter and avoid pending legal actions from international humanitarian groups and authorities.

I was however not to be deterred from the South African cause, and dedicated myself to bringing awareness of the situation in South Africa, to the International community.  Being the Creative Director and Co founder of Conscious Consumer Network, I created a show called STOP SOUTH AFRICAN GENOCIDE, which was a live broadcast ever Tuesday at 7pm GMT, for the duration of 2017, and was hosted by Karin Smith and I.  This is by far one of my proudest bodies of work, as we got the opportunity to speak to and learn from some of the most astute researchers and activists for the South African genocide cause.
Mid 2017, my Journalism partner Karin Smith and I, were approached to conduct an interview with King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, regarding his upcoming plans which put forward a solution in the form of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.   During this interview, both Karin Smith and I  were in tears of joy, as we were both deeply moved by the King’s divine mission, which is to bring relief to the suffering people of South Africa.
Karin Smith and I were given the opportunity to interview several people surrounding the secession of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, including the King’s legal council, Professor Wintson P. Nagan.  Considering Professor Nagan’s impressive resume, we could only assume that this process was legitimate and in capable hands.
The official flag of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
On 24 September 2018, the Sovereign State of Good Hope was brought into effect when Khoebaha seceded the Sovereign State of Good Hope from the the murderous and corrupts Republic of South Africa, with a ceremony held outside the Castle of the Cape of Good Hope.  My network, being Conscious Consumer Network, was the only media network that aired the secession ceremony live, as no mainstream media were interested in covering this due to the fact that South Africa’s media is largely state owned and controlled.
Based on my continued effort, dedication and sacrifice for the South African genocide cause, I was appointed by mandate, and offered the portfolio of Media, in order to assist in the overhaul of the Sovereign State of Good Hope with informative and educational media content.
Mandate of appointment dated 24 October 2017
On the 24th October 2017, a month after the secession ceremony, I was appointed by mandate as the International Media Advisor to King Khoebaha, the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, and the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
From the outset, my team and I offered all our resources and connections to the establishment of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  We were responsible for the very first  website ( that was built, which was linked to this Facebook page, which became known as SOVEREIGN STATE OF GOOD HOPE MEDIA.  This was done at our own cost, which was exacerbated when the site was hacked, affecting all the other content hosted on our server.  We had to rebuild a total of 43 client websites, and 12 of our own websites, costing a considerable amount of time and resources, both in direct cost and in lost revenue.  This put tremendous strain on our resources at key points during the course of the last year, to the point of not having enough money to pay for the very basics such as warmth, food and shelter, and these circumstances were largely exacerbated as a result of our involvement with the media effort for SSGH.
Other members of our media team raised vast sums of money to fund King Khoebaha’s trip to New York, where he was accompanied by my Journalism partner Karin Smith, to the United Nations, in order to deliver the secession paperwork.  The United Nations provided King Khoebaha with a letter to confirm they had received the documentation.
From the very get go, there were cracks appearing in the basic legal infrastructure of the formation of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  This became apparent to my team and I when we were building the official website for the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and we were told not to publish the original treaties that were signed at the secession ceremony on the 24 September 2017.  The excuse that we were offered from the Royal House was vague, but had something to do with the wording of certain labels being an issue for certain groups referenced in the treaty.  The use of the term “Eurokaner” for example, had caused some confusion, as it was a term that had never been widely used or adopted prior to the above mentioned secession.  We were told that the treaties would have to be re drafted and re signed, and that the existing treaties were not going to be used for public circulation.  During this time, there were several people shifted around within the King’s inner circles, and much confusion began to set in as to who was trustworthy, or who had alternative agendas, including allegations regarding my allegiances being levied at myself in writing by one of the newly appointed and more questionable members of the King’s “inner circle” such as Gordon Holder, and thus, some of the original signatories of the treaty, were excluded from Sovereign State of Good Hope inner circles, and made out to be an enemy.  At the time of my resignation, updated copies of the treaties have not yet been signed or circulated, and it is still not known who the present selected (not elected) representative signatories are for the various cultural groups who were represented by the original document.  As it stands, the original treaties which were signed at the secession ceremony on the 24 September 2017, are no longer in use or valid, and replacements have not been issued, bringing into question the entire legal framework of the processes and activities which followed.
Having worked on many humanitarian global initiatives, I have a very clear understanding of what works and what does not.  A nation divided is no nation at all, and much the same can be said for any project or initiative.  From the very beginning it became clear that the King of the Khoisan Nation, and his supposed subjects being the Khoisan, had differing ideas about how to go about things.
Well King Khoebaha claimed that these men were an insult to the Khoisan, and the King did not support their effort, nor had these men consulted the King prior to engaging on their campaign.
It has became clearer as time has passed, that many of the Khoi and San groups do not recognise the King Khoebaha in his position, and they had relinquished support  for the formation of the Sovereign State of Good Hope under the leadership of King Khoebaha.  In fact, the legitimacy of the title of King has also been called into question by the King’s very own people, who claim that the Khoi and San groups have never had a hereditary monarch, rather they consisted scattered nomad and pastoral groups loosely gathered as tribes or clans, with each clan having their own tribal elders to consult and offer guidance.  The concept of an all governing King was only introduced to the Khoi and San peoples of Southern Africa, when the European settlers arrived from 1652 onwards.
King Khoebaha & Professor Nagan at Florida University a few days prior to the trip to New York to visit the United Nations
In my capacity as International Media Advisor, I advised King Khoebaha upon his return from his trip to the United Nations in New York, that it would be wise to publish the letter of receipt from the United Nations, that the King received upon delivering the secession documentation.  This was necessary in order to provide proof to the public that the secession paperwork had in fact been delivered to the United Nations.  This seemed like the most logical and ethical course of action, but the King refused to authorise the release of any proof of his visit to the United Nations.  Furthermore, my team and I were banned from writing or publishing anything further regarding this trip.  I made several requests for the King to provide proof that he had in fact delivered the secession paperwork to the United Nations, as did my colleague Karin Smith, who accompanied the King during his trip, and who was also largely responsible for providing the funding for the trip, and who witnessed the secession documents being handed over to the United Nations, and witnessed the issuing of a receipt of documents by the United Nations to the King, and who is also in possession of the photographic evidence of this paperwork… but both Karin Smith and I were told that no photos or documents were to be published.   To this very day, the entire deliverance of documents to the United Nations, and the issuing of the receipt of these documents, has been questioned by various groups and individuals, even though this receipt does in fact exist, and yet the King refuses to allow for them to be made public, which has done nothing other than bring the entire mission into doubt.  Dispite the many requests by myself and my media team, the King has refused to allow us to publish any evidence regarding his trip to New York in March 2018.  At this point, the media team were scratching their heads as to why… why not publish these documents if they do in fact exist.  Publishing them would bring support and momentum to the Sovereign State of Good Hope cause.  Not publishing them just leaves us all wondering why the King would make such foolish decisions that could jeopardise the reputation and integrity of this entire mission.  Things were just not adding up at all.
*Please note an example of such a letter of receipt as displayed above when I delivered papers to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.  I have always made such documents available to the public in order to prove that there was an effort by Independence Commission Africa to bring the murderous and corrupt African National Congress government of South Africa, before an international tribunal… but alas, to no avail.
During the time that King Khoebaha was in New York, an alternative website to the one which we had funded and operated for SSGH, being, was set up behind the backs of the King’s appointed media team.  I only found out about this because I was accidentally forwarded by email, a SSGH document which referenced, (not .org) as the official website, and the .net site was not sanctioned by the King’s appointed media team which I was heading.  Upon raising the alarm regarding what I thought was an imposter website, which contained all my original articles and intellectual property, stolen from the original website, and it was being used without my knowledge and permission.  I was informed by Gordon Holder that he had suggested to the King to mandate the setting up of a second website.  I was then told by the person who populated the website, a lady called Sue Schonken, that SSGH owned all the content I had created for it, and that is why she felt justified in stealing my intellectual property and secretly populating a website that I was deliberately not made aware of.   As there was no contractual agreement between myself and King Khoebaha and the Sovereign State of Good Hope, which documents the transfer of title of intellectual property, from one party to another, this claim by Sue Schonken was incorrect.  I reminded Sue Schonken that the Sovereign State of Good Hope is not a Communist State, and that our property, intellectual or otherwise, does not automatically become the property of the state (in this case, being the Sovereign State of Good Hope.)  In fact, suggesting that my intellectual property automatically becomes the property of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, is no better than the “Land reclamation without compensation”  issue that is persisting in South Africa at present.  It became very obvious at this point that there was a subversive agenda to subvert the media effort from my team, and to steal my intellectual property, from myself and my team, without our knowledge or consent, whilst cowardly playing the game of sidelining us, whilst still stringing us along and using us for what they needed.  When I caught onto this game, I confronted the team with facts, all of which are documented in the SSGH Skype thread.  I was then accused in writing by Gordon Holder, of an agent of a gentleman called Aubrey a.k.a John Devlin, and that I was working for him, which of course was postulated by Gordon Holder as the reason why I had such a problem with them secretly creating a second website where they had stolen my intellectual property.  I then asked Gordon to provide evidence that I was an agent of Aubrey a.k.a John Devlin, who was one of the original signatories on the secession treaty, and had also been sidelined since Gordon Holder had come on board the SSGH team.  However there was no proof forthcoming from Gordon Holder, and I was issued with a written retraction and apology from Gordon Holder for falsely accusing me of colluding with someone Gordon had outed from SSGH.  But sadly, it was at that point that I realised that SSGH was in the hands of unscrupulous and unethical ego maniacs who will use and abuse people, and when they no longer have use for them, these people are just cast to the sidelines.  This became abundantly obvious when I asked for the reason a second website had been set up, and I was told that they had purchased the .net domain extension in order to stop anybody else from taking it.  I was confused, as there are over 600 different domain extensions that one can choose to use, such as .com,, .media, .tv, .info, etc., and I did feel that the reason given was not the genuine reason, rather it was an excuse to mask Gordon Holder’s attempt to subvert the media effort behind my back, whilst stealing my intellectual property to populate the alternative website, totally ignoring and disrespecting the cost, time and effort that went into creating the original SSGH website.  When I called the entire team on their falsities in writing via the before mentioned Skype thread, I was reprimanded by the King, who made false allegations and accusatory comments which was nothing other than an attempt at gas lighting by attempting bringing my character into question.  As an Investigative Journalist, it is my job to question that which is untrue or simply does not make sense, and it was at this point that the entire SSGH illusion began to unravel in the eyes of the international media.
Following on from the the beginning of the unravelling of the SSGH effort, I was accused by King Khoebaha in writing of endangering him and his family by discussing matters pertaining to SSGH on social media forums.  As I had not engaged in any such communications on social media, because I simply do not have the time to do so, I knew that somebody in the King’s inner circle had been formulating lies about me, and feeding them to the King in order to make him fearful or distrustful of me, with the specific goal of getting the King to rescind my mandate, as it was becoming clear that they wanted control of the media effort.  I simply expressed in writing to the King directly, my disappointment at being yet again, levied with false allegations, particularly an allegation as serious as endangering the King’s family, as this was simply not true.  This was followed by my request to provide evidence in the form of a screen shots of my supposed communications that where found to be endangering the King’s family.  Needless to say, nobody ever provided any screen shots or any other evidence to prove that I ever did anything or said anything in a public forum which may have endangered the King’s family.  It is still not known exactly what it was that I said, or which words I supposedly uttered that would have the power to put at risk the lives of people on the other side of the world, bearing in mind that I am presently located in Portugal.  In fact, I was never even told what it was that I supposedly said, or just how that endangered anybody, rather a broad stroke of accusation, an extremely serious one, was laid against me, with absolutely no specifics or evidence to back it up, and this was done with with the deliberate and clear intention of eradicating me from the SSGH inner circle, so that others could take control of the media.
The result of these false allegations, the King proceeded to ban me from communicating or writing anything further to do with SSGH, unless I was specifically told to do so.  On one occasion, the King asked me to draft an article to accompany a video he had released, so that I could post it on the website.  After writing the article, and sending it for approval before posting, I was then told, without any reason, that I was not to post the article and I was once again banned from putting out any media pertaining to SSGH until I was instructed by the King.  It felt as if I was being given the deliberate run around in order to frustrate and tire me, in the hopes that I would willingly relinquish the media effort, so that others could take control.  Furthermore, I felt as if I was compromising my own journalistic integrity by cow towing down to the demands of a King, and just being expected to follow dictatorial orders that simply did not make sense to me at all.  Being an Independent Investigative Journalist, I soon realised that being told when to do something or not, was in complete contrast to my journalistic ethics, which puts truth, fact and logic above all else, even the demands of Kings.
As we manage a website and Facebook page for SSGH, I had the arduous task of fielding all the mail that was coming in.  There were many people asking important questions, and when they were put to the King, there was a blatant refusal to provide even the most basics in order to provide clarity of information, which was a task that fell on my shoulders, being responsible for the media content.  In fact I was specifically told by the King in writing via the before mentioned Skype thread, that I was on a ‘need to know basis’, as was everybody else, and that I would be told what I needed to know, as and when the King decided.  It became very obvious at this point that not all of us were operating from the same page, and the King was not above playing one party off against the other to gain an advantage, even if it meant good people got used, abused and hurt in the process.
It was after the very ugly public fall out with USAF, that I was provided with information confirming that I had been deliberately sidelined by Gordon Holder and the King.  It was at this point that I realised that the King did not have the courage to rescind my mandate, as he knew he would suffer negative public backlash, rather in a most cowardly fashion, I was simply sidelined, like many others, whilst giving me the run around in the hopes that I would just go away nicely.  And so that is what I decided to do.  I gave the King and his inner circle a chance to get rid of me nicely, as I did not want a massive public fall out and slanging match, and thus, I wrote the following letter dated 5 September 2018:
The home page of


TO:  His Royal Highness, Gaob / King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, Queen Jenny, and the advisory council for the Sovereign State of Good Hope.


I greet you all with warm wishes here from the Algarve in Portugal, and hope this message finds you in a healthy and positive space.

Due to my ongoing involvement with various other projects, including my own personal commitments, my Media team and I are unable to offer any further volunteer media efforts to the Sovereign State of Good Hope.
This will affect the following:
  1. Facebook page: Sovereign State of Good Hope Media – This page will be deleted at the end of September 2018.  As an expert in online media, and having worked on many international humanitarian campaigns, it is my experience that having several different Facebook pages only makes one’s online media campaign look sloppy, and thus, we will remove this Facebook page in order to stream line the flow of interest and traffic to one centralised location.
  1. – In October 2018, the domain registration for the above mentioned website will be up for renewal, and our media team do not have the capacity to fund this going forward, nor do I think there will be any funding forthcoming from His Majesty and the Sovereign State of Good Hope.  Furthermore, we do not have the manpower and resources to manage the correspondence and funding campaigns associated with said websites, as our time and energy is committed elsewhere.
  1.  Sovereign State of Good Hope You Tube channel – The SSGH You Tube channel was started to archive all SSGH media.  This channel is still up and running, and we have given the password to His Majesty when it was set up.  We strongly advise that His Majesty change the password, as my media team will no longer have the resources or time to administer this arm of SSGH media, and thus will have no use for the password going forward.
Having been mandated as the International Media Advisor to His Majesty and the Sovereign State of Good Hope, I wish to continue to make myself available should any advice or council regarding media been needed or sought, my team and I are always available.  Feel free to get in touch and schedule in a meeting, or call if urgent.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve
International Media Advisor to
His Majest, King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III
Sovereign State of Good Hope
But, this was not the end of it… after all that he had done, Gordon Holder still tried to bully me out of my intellectual property, by insisting that we  give him the website that we had set up and operated for SSGH.  This demand was refused by my team, stating that if Gordon or the King want anything further from us, they would have to pay for it, as my team and I did not feel as if we owed them any further favours based on their dishonest and dishonourable conduct towards the media team, who worked on a volunteer basis, and had already given so much already to this effort, whilst being sidelines in a most cowardly fashion.  To add insult to injury, I was then accused of trying to profit from SSGH, at which point Gordon Holder was reminded by my team that this was not about us being in it for the money, as our participation in SSGH had only ever cost us, rather this was about Gordon and / or King Khoebaha demanding that we continue to give them our intellectual property for free, as if what we had done for them already was not enough.  Did they really think we were stupid enough to continue jumping to their demands?  Clearly they had under estimated our intelligence and integrity.
It is with a clear conscience and a kind heart that, after one calendar year of serving in my mandate appointed post, that I resign as the International Media Advisor to the Sovereign State of Good Hope and the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation… not that I actually had any baring or influence, rather I was seen as a threat to those with dishonourable intentions, to those who wanted to control the SSGH media effort… and I was in the way.   My participation in the media effort for SSGH was done with the sole intention of trying to find a solution for the dire state of affairs that South Africans find themselves in.  At no point did I benefit financially or in any other way.  In fact, my involvement with this effort has been of absolutely no benefit to me at all, rather it has cost me time, money and to some extent, my reputation for having backed SSGH, which as promising as it may have initially seemed, became full of power hungry, toxic individuals who were and are still manipulating and playing power games behind the scenes.  Based upon all that I have observed and experienced, I find it hard to believe that the well-being of my fellow South Africans are even a consideration to those behind SSGH.  I no longer hold the hope for change at the hands of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.   The bottom line is, if you want to make the world a better place, first you need to start with yourself… and several of the key players behind SSGH, are not capable of providing a solution to the complex problems of South Africa, for the simple reason that they are corrupt, underhanded and unethical, and thus they are part of the problem.
As media is a communication modality, I recognised from the outset of my appointment, the importance of creating communication platforms where the core team of SSGH could discuss matters together, openly, in full clarity and with complete transparency, and thus I opened up a communications thread via Skype in order to create a platform for clarity and transparency in communications.  Having had a chance to reflect on the past year’s communications via this particular Skype thread, to which the King and his wife Jenny Arrison were contributors, along with the King’s merry band of fools including Gordon Holder and Sue Schonken, it has become abundantly clear that this thread holds all the evidence necessary for the public to see exactly what has really been going on behind the scenes of SSGH.  And that was the point, to always have a written record of communications in case it ever became necessary to present key evidence pertained in said communications.  I provide this so that the public can see for themselves the vast effort myself my team, as well as the kind of manipulation and duress that the SSGH media team has experienced, which unfortunately also brings into question whether or not anybody would actually want to be part of a Nation or State with these people at the helm.  Sadly they are just more of the same old villainy we have seen for millennia.  We simply can not create a new world based on the same negative patterns of behaviour that created all the mess in the first place.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve
CREATIVE DIRECTOR of Conscious Consumer Network TV

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