The Secession Ceremony of King Cornelius at the Castle of Good Hope LIVE on CCN

The Secession Ceremony of King Cornelius at the Castle of Good Hope LIVE on CCN – On 24 September 2017, history was made as the King Cornelius III, the King of the Original people’s of South Africa, being the Khoisan Nation, stepped forward to end the suffering and free the people of South Africa, from the oppressive African National Congress (ANC) government.

Conscious Consumer Network was LIVE at the ceremony and broadcast the entire event, where a succession ceremony was held at the castle in Cape Town, South Africa, and the United States of Good Hope was brought into effect by with the Declaration for Immediate Secession by King Khoebaha Cornelius III, the rightful king of the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation, the first and only indigenous people to southern Africa. Under this treaty, an agreement was set in place for a new government set up with the Eurokaner Nation, the Afrikaner Nation and the Coloured Nation. In this declaration it was established that the gross violations of human rights by the African National Congress government against the people of South Africa, justified the immediate withdrawing from the Republic of South Africa, by excercising the rights that exist under International Law, African Union and United Nations laws.

Stop South African Genocide | Secession Ceremony of King Cornelius at the Castle of Good Hope


On the 5 September 2017, Mel Ve and Karin Smith had the opportunity to speak with King Cornelius, where he hinted at the upcoming plans which which were broadcast LIVE on Conscious Consumer Network.  It has been hard to keep these plans a secret, as we were fully aware of them behind the scenes, but we obviously realised that we could not be too open with regards to these events until the time was right.  We have respected the King’s request to keep this under wraps up until now, which is the chosen time for the Declaration of Secession to be made public.


As a South African refugee living abroad, it was a true privilege to be invited to broadcast the Secession Ceremony LIVE via Conscious Consumer Network.  No mainstream media were present at the event, and this story will only be spread through the Independent Media.

Please share this far and wide, for the world to see how we go about standing up to the darkest and harshest examples of corruption.   It is time to end the state sanctioned genocide that has been going on in South Africa, and hopefully this will be a move in that direction.


HAIL THE KING | Mel Ve & Karin Smith speak to the King of South Africa LIVE on CCN

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve



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