Being born and growing up in South Africa, and having left my home country as so many have had to do in order to survive, I have through my journey, developed a special brand of patriotism to my home land. Indeed the people of South Africa are a unique breed of people with tremendous spirit. I am so grateful to have been born there and to have been lucky enough to experience an upbringing in Africa.

My mission is to see this beautiful place restored to peace, with the abundance that is available in South Africa, being made available to all. These ideals of course are not easy task. In order to begin to tackle the issues currently facing South Africa, one needs to understand a few simple facts about how the world really works, and how that ultimately affects South Africa and it’s people

Please take some time to read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY book I – Light & Dark. (free ebook link below)
With the recent spate of violence and destruction going on in South Africa, I recently released a SPECIAL REPORT on Conscious Consumer Network (CCN), detailing how things are playing out for South Africa, and especially in an International context.


We will be doing regular reports and updates on CCN, as well as working behind the scenes to bring international awareness to the situation, and hopefully get some help.

Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve



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